Is Sunny Deol trying to copy the famous hot Pakistani chaiwala? View HQ pics


Same, same but different? Well, at least that’s what we can relate from this above picture! So Sunny Deol was spotted looking all macho and desi wearing a blue kurta at the Film Studio this morning. Probably, he was midway through a film’s shoot which is why he didn’t even bother to smile at the cameras as he rushed into his car. But admit it, don’t you think he looks very close to the famous hot Pakistani chaiwala in this picture? Yes, the same Pakistani guy (Arshadh Khan) who insanely broke the internet a few months back?

I mean, we agree there’s no similarity if you compare  Sunny Deol’s face to the Pakistani chaiwala but that doesn’t mean you can overlook what they’re wearing – a similar looking blue kurta with that moustache to shine on – now that’s like a combination to die on, amirite? Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to pick who’s hotter coz that kinda would be unfair or wait, should we? In a way, it’s also a huge compliment for Sunny considering we’re comparing him with someone who’s over 40 years younger than him? Yea, if you didn’t know the Pakistani chaiwala is as young as 18 years old while Sunny is nearing 60. In that case, then there’s no beating to Sunny who still looks so macho and sexy.

Thanks to the viral picture, while the chaiwala has managed to bag quite a few whopping modelling assignments after winning the internet. We wouldn’t be surprised if Sunny Deol fans too wake up to trend the superstar one day. Like you never know what interests the internet.

Sunny Deol is currently shooting for Bhaiyaji Superhit co-starring Preity Zinta and that’s exactly going to be his look in the film. All said and done, what are your thoughts on Sunny Deol Vs Pakistani chaiwala?