Say what? Ranbir Kapoor carries a lipstick in his pocket – view pics


Ranbir Kapoor attended the recently held Stardust Awards with his parents Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. The family pictures on the red carpet were a delight. The Kapoors were in full mood for fun at the award show and didn’t mind falling victim to host Manish Paul’s fun pranks.

So what happened was that during his segment of hosting Manish played a game with the guests. It was called ‘Pocket Treasure Hunt’. Ranbir was quite a sport and let Manish scour through his pocket. What Manish found was more interesting than you can think. A red lipstick. Yea! Before Manish could ask about the source and reason of this red lipstick in his pocket, Ranbir quickly applied the lipstick on the host’s lips. Manish too was sport enough to take the joke, and placed a kiss on Ranbir’s cheeks. How cute! We are sure this was a pre-planned, and probably scripted prank by Manish on Ranbir. ‘Cuz seriously what are the chances of finding a red lipstick in Ranbir’s pocket?

Rishi Kapoor is Ranbir’s baap. He too was at the receiving end of a prank. When Manish went through the materials in Rishi’s pockets, he found a mint spray. When prompted, Rishi Kapoor jokingly mentioned that it was for the after party. Ahan!

When Kajol’s turn came- out of the back flap of her phone came a tiny comb which Kajol uses to brush dirt off her shoes.

A bottle of oil which he uses to set his hair, came out of Karan Johar’s pocket. We really really don’t think this joke was a good idea. Nevermind.

Ask me my personal take, I would say I am so done with these lame and unfunny jokes that bring down the level of an event that is supposed to be prestigious. It’s okay to be funny and entertaining, but it is about time we started treating awards shows with the dignity they deserve. .