After Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan, Shraddha Kapoor speaks up on Bangalore molestation case


The entire nation is dusturbed by what happened on New Years in Bangalore. And not just the common public but Bollywood actors too are now coming out in open to speak about the shameful incident that happened in Bangalore. After Swara Bhaskar, now Shraddha Kapoor has raised her opinion about the Bangalore molestation case. On being asked about her reaction to it, she said, “Well, definitely agar aisi kuch ghatna hoti hai to scream for help its important to speak up.. Jo hua Banglore mei wo kaafi sad hai log waha khade hai aur madat nahi kar rahe hai.. I saw the video..people were not helping. Scooter par log baithe hai lekin help nahi kiya. Boys were standing but help nahi kiya. Boys are not helping group ban chuka tha wo help kar sakte the (Well, definitely if something like this happens then you should scream for help, its very important to speak up. Whatever happened in Bangalore is really very sad and people who were standing there weren’t helping. I saw the video, people weren’t helping. They were sitting on their scooter but werent ready to help. Boys were standing and there was a group, they could have helped),” she said in a statement.

It came to everyone as a shocker when the issue came out in public. It is depressing, shocking and shameful to know that even today, women are being treated this way in a country like ours. For all those of you who think India is a orogressive country, I’d suggest you wath the video and I bet it will make you think otherwise.

Just today morning, Akshay Kumar too expressed his anger towards what happened in Bangalore. He shared a video on his Twiter handle saying, “My blood instantly started boiling hearing the news, watching the hooligans dancing on the streets with no shame. Even if I didn’t have a daughter, I would still say if a society cannot respect a woman then that society has no right to call themselves human. And what’s more shameful is that people even justify after harassing a woman on the streets. Why did the girl wear short clothes? Why did she leave her house late in the night? Have some shame guys. A girl’s skirt isn’t short, it’s your thought that’s petty.”

Hrithik Roshan too recently reacted to the Bangalore molestation case. In a statement he said, “I didn’t see the news in real time. But yes it is sad and we all bear responsibility. We all must do something about that. I feel very strongly as a father, as a member of the society that if something like this is happening in an environment so close to me, then I definitely must be impacted. I must be affected and I must do something about it.”