7 revelations by Hrihtik Roshan on Kaabil that will make your wait for January 25 difficult


Hrithik Roshan has made us restless for Kaabil. For every actor their film is really special. And as Roshan speaks about his film, we’re left with a lot of anticipation and expectations from the film. In a press gathering held, the 43-year old actor spoke about a lot of instances pertaining to his upcoming film Kaabil, directed by Sanjay Gupta. From the preparations he did to portray a blind man to how the character left him inspired, Hrithik opened up about his experience while shooting this film. After hearing his answers, we were also left blown away. In fact, thanks to him now we’re all the more excited for the film that is slated to release on January 25. Read on to check out his revelations.

How he prepared for the role 

The preparation of an actor is his job. He must do that. I don’t want to be praised for the prep that I’ve done. I have done the prep like I put a blindfold, walking in the darkness, taking care of myself in the dark and learning where the furniture is placed in my house, moving from one room to another, I did all that.

The best part about the film 

The best part about this film is that after a long time I got this chance to go into the depths of a character.

How he wished the shooting never ceased to end 

The prep continued throughout the film. This is one such film that got over in 60 days, I wished it should’ve stretched out in eight months. By the sixth month I would’ve become a pro. Luckily this is my fastest film. My work got over within 60 days and I’ve done my best. It’s a very special film. We enjoyed a lot. Now it’s in the hands of the audience.

On working with father Rakesh Roshan 

It’s the job of an actor to get comfortable with the director. I am as comfortable and uncomfortable with my father as I am with anybody else. My dad keeps us on the edge. In a day this work has to be completed. And because he knows direction, he helps the director.

The character left him inspired 

My take-away from this character is inspiration. I have been inspired by all the blind friends that I have encountered. It’s a very important detail that I want people to know, whatever mindset they have about blind, it’s going to break. Because all the blind people I’ve interacted with, I’ve been blown. Everything you can think of is being done by a blind person. It’s not a handicap anymore.

Kaabil allowed Hrithik to evolve as an actor 

I have evolved as an actor also. My process also, initially, I was about to play this character helpless. I was building an environment around the character to form sympathy.

Why the title Kaabil?

The story behind the title is superstition. He always gets appropriate titles for every film. From Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai to Koi Mil Gaya to Kaabil, he always gets it right. It’s a lucky thing. I am able, I am capable, I will because I can. I am able, Kaabil.

Not only has he clarified all the doubts we had in our minds about the film but has roused a sense of curiosity for the film. We want to know what the film is about and how a blind man avenged the loss of the love of his life. You’ll find out all that on January 25 when the film releases. The film will be clashing with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. Whose side are you on? Raees or Kaabil? Give a shoutout in the comments section below. Stay tuned to this space for hot scoop on Kaabil and more.