OK Jaanu dialogue promo 2: Shraddha fools Aditya by saying she’s pregnant and you gotta watch his reaction


While everyone is eager to watch Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor‘s cute chemistry in OK Jaanu, the makers teased us with yet another dialogue promo. If you guys remember, Shraddha had pulled of a brutal prank on Adi in the the first promo. So does Adi get his revenge? No, in fact she scares him in this one. In the second dialogue promo, Adit is left SHIT scared after Shraddha suggests that she might be pregnant! Scary na? Any guy whose girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant will relate to this portion for sure…

But the promo also shows the quirkiness and funny side of the jodi. The duo are seen entering a hospital and going towards the gynecology department. Here Aditya excitingly points out that all the women in the room might just be pregnant. Shraddha, on the other hand, is her calm self and says that they are actually pregnant. Adi is stunned. He thinks for a few moments, before questioning her girlfriend if she is also pregnant. That’s when Shraddha mentions that she might be. The actor  starts trembling, but he still says that it is the floor below him that is shaking. Hilarious na? Check out the latest OK Jaanu dialogue promo right here:


We have to say that Shraddha and Aditya look cute together in this promo. Aditya also gets a chance to show off his acting skills here. We really can’t wait to see this movie now… For those of you who don’t know, OK Jaanu is the remake of the Tamil hit film – O Kadhal Kanmani. It is about two lovers who decide to move in together for a few weeks. Both Adi and Shraddha plan to leave India and settle abroad. So to enjoy their last few days together, they move in. Love and romance bloom initially, but as the day of separation nears, they don’t feel like going away. Meanwhile, their fights intensify. What will happen next? Well you will have to watch the film to know that!

Directed by Shaad Ali, OK Jaanu is slated to release on January 13. It will compete against Deepika Padukone’s Hollywood venture xXx: Return of Xander Cage, which also rolls out on January 14…