Giah Hardeman on Why a Close Relationship with the Judges Couldn’t Save Her on ‘America’s Next Top Model’


Krislian has survived another week on America’s Next Top Model. After making it to the bottom again, Krislian survived and Giahwent home. Giah sat down with America’s Next Top Model judge Law Roach to talk about her elimination, her experience on America’s Next Top Model and what she is planning to do next with her career.

Giah admits that she was pretty close to all of the judges on the revival of America’s Next Top Model. She knew it wasn’t enough to save her from elimination. “I knew automatically it was me,” Giah explained, talking about when she was called into the bottom two. “I knew the way you guys were acting, I’m like, s**t I know it’s me, because I have such a close bond with each one of you guys. Rita, the way she was looking at me, I knew it was me, like why can’t she talk, just say it.”

All that being said, Giah doesn’t think it was her time to go on the competition. “I really thought Krislian was going to go home. I had seen her picture and it was dark and I was like, at least I had light on my damn face. At least I looked like me, still,” she said.
Though Giah doesn’t think she should have gone home so early. she is proud of what she accomplished on America’s Next Top Model. “I didn’t prove what I wanted to prove,” Giah said of her elimination. “But at the same time I started to think about the example that I set and the person that I was and I was like, you know what, I did the best that I could.”
While Giah is mostly positive about her America’s Next Top Model experience, she didn’t hold back on one girl still left in the competition. Giah explained that one of the reasons she continued to sleep on the couch was because she didn’t want to be back in the bedroom with Courtney. According to Giah, Courtney caused a lot of drama with the girls at night and she wanted no part of it.
Giah explained that Courtney is definitely the most disliked girl on America’s Next Top Model this season. When asked which girl is most likely to start a fight, Giah answered immediately that it’s Courtney. “That little ass, she knows she going to get beat the f**k up if somebody catch her on the street she going to beat the f**k up,” Giah said, getting fired up. “That’s why she needs to stop. You need to stop. You need to cut it!”
Despite feeling like her America’s Next Top Model journey ended too soon, Giah won’t be exploring modeling right away. When asked if she will continue modeling and what we can expect from her next, Giah answered. “I’ll pursue to a certain extent, like, if I get a job I’ll do it. But more than likely acting and rapping.”
So what do you think of Giah’s elimination? Are you surprised by how strongly she feels about Courtney? Do you think Krislian should have gone home before Giah? Did the judges make the right call? Have they made the right calls this season overall?
America’s Next Top Model season 23 airs Mondays at 10/9c on VH1.
(Image and video courtesy of VH1)


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