‘Shadowhunters’ Interviews: Cast, EPs and Author on New Sets and Characters and Honoring the Books


The second season of Shadowhunters kicks off 2017 for Freeform, and cast members Alberto Rosende, Harry Shum Jr. and Isaiah Mustafa, executive producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin and author Cassandra Clare have teased what to expect next.

Watch the video interview with Alberto Rosende, Harry Shum Jr. and Isaiah Mustafa:

Here are a few highlights:

  • “You’re going to see why” Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn in season 2 — not just what he’s capable of with his powers as far as what he can conjure up, but what happens when he uses them in the wrong way. You’ll also see his past, what makes him tick and why he is the way he is.
  • New characters coming in means more people to play with and more journeys to explore.
  • The character of Maia means the first time Simon looks at someone like he looks at Clary.
  • Magnus doesn’t interact too much with the new characters, but you’ll see him build relationships with the returning ones.

Watch the video interview with EPs Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin and author Cassandra Clare:

Here are a few highlights:

  • There’s more grit and darkness to the series in season 2.
  • One of the new sets is Hunter’s Moon, a bar in Chinatown where everyone can go. Maia’s the bartender.
  • They’ll be expanding the Institute “quite a bit.”
  • Magnus’ apartment has been upgraded and is “really elegant.”
  • “There’s a reason all the books start with ‘City,'” Clare shared. “When I first moved to New York, it was a love letter to New York and the fantasy world that I saw behind everything in New York. We see that a lot more in season 2, the presence of the city.”
  • Maia is funny, sexy and charming and kicks ass. She’s grounded, and fans should like her dynamic with the existing characters. Clary sees her relationships with Luke and Simon and while there isn’t a negative emotion there, it does make her look at Simon in a new way.
  • Victor Aldertree, a representative of the Clave, comes in to take over the Institute, and that’s going to create issues between characters. He’ll be making their lives difficult. The character in the book is different on the show, with a couple of touch points of similarity.
  • Most people understand that things need to change from the book to the TV show, Clare acknowledged, but they also want to see the source material honored and changes for good reasons. She said the EPs have brought the show back tonally to the books.
  • “If you honor the source material and you treat it with reverence, then all of a sudden, the fans give you permission to change and evolve because they understand that you get it,” according to Slavkin.

Shadowhunters season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform