NO! Amitabh Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor’s silence on Bengaluru molestation is DISTURBING!


The Bengaluru molestation incident has put the entire nation hang its head in shame. In a country, whom we lovingly call as Bharat Mata, where goddesses like Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati and Durga are worshipped and revered by millions, it’s not acceptable that a mob of unruly men can have their way with women just because they were out in the night partying. Equally sick are those who, instead of blaming these bastards and doing their best to punish the culprits for their deeds, find excuses to put the girls under the scanner for their short dresses and ‘western’ attitude. In a scathing video, Akshay Kumar had voiced everything that we wanted to say to these a-holes, that too in his toughest mode. People have been praising Akshay Kumar for his stand on the issue, coming out and speaking for the victims here while the real ‘protectors’ of law and order have been trying to pass the buck as to who should be responsible for the mess.

Not just Akshay Kumar, there have been other celebs like Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Swara Bhaskar (who also demanded Karnataka’s home minister to resign over his sexist remarks), Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu, Rishi Kapoor and others. However, what bugs the Bollywood buff in us is the unnerving silence of some major stars, who have earlier voiced their dissent over what women are facing in our country just around when their movies are releasing, and then went back to just retweeting stuff that others wrote. Some of them have even been part of women empowerment movies that released last year, so we do expect more from them than just retweets.

Take for instance, Amitabh Bachchan.

He was the main lead in last year’s critic’s darling, PINK. PINK was a movie that addressed woman harassment in cities, as well as how society view girls with a modern outlook. These are the two societal traits that came out when the Bangalore incident happened, as politicians like Abu Azmi and K’taka Home Minister G. Parameshwara blame women for inciting mob. Amitabh Bachchan wrote an open letter for his granddaughter Navya a couple of days before the release of Pink, about the issues women face in our society. But apart from retweeting a couple of articles, one of the most vocal Twitter users has been unusually quiet over the issue. And he is a man who has opinion over anything under the sun and was one of the first to respond during India’s surgical strike. Why not comments on this, sire? After all, your fan following in this country, especially in small towns is legendary. And you were the one who said this…

Sonam Kapoor gave us one of the best movies of the decade in Neerja, that merges a real-life incident with a strong message that women are as strong as men, perhaps more emotionally stronger than us, beautifully.

She has even given a gutsy confession during Rajeev Masand’s roundtable conference, where she revealed she was molested as a teen. But when other celebs poured their outrage over the incident that happened in Bengaluru, apart from retweeting a social viral article, she has nothing new to offer on this.

Now Alia Bhatt had two movies, Udta Punjab and Dear Zindagi, where in both movies, her character rose up like a phoenix against all odds, showing a triumph for women all over, who have been downtrodden by their male counterparts. She had played a gangrape victim in Udta Punjab. So what does she have to say about the whole issue?

DISGUSTING! That’s the word Alia Bhatt used when she retweeted Farhan Akhtar’s tweet about the whole issue.

But apart from that, ZILCH! Alia Bhatt, who has tremendous fan following, and who is so active on social media, has nothing else to speak about the whole issue.

I know you might be thinking why single these three out when there are other celebs too, who have been awfully quiet. The reason for me to mention these three is that they had movie releases in recent times, where they had spoken about the problems women have been facing. But when there is actual issue at hand, and no releases of theirs surrounding it, they chose to not be verbal, despite having huge social media presence. So is Twitter only to be used when there is a movie of yours to be released?

We are not saying that their one tweet can change the mentality of the MCP-world. But if it can make at least one percent of their fans think in the right way, that’s still something for the better…