7 revelations made by Aamir Khan at the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2 event that will leave you surprised


Aamir Khan launched the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup initiative in association with the Paani foundation and Maharshtra CM Devendra Fadnavis last year. The initiative aimed at making the talukas, districts and small villages in Maharashtra drought free. After the successful implementation of the first round, the whole team is back with Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2, which will target 30 more talukas and save them from the drought this year. Aamir Khan along with wife Kiran Rao, CM Devendra Fadnavis and a few others graced the event. They spoke at length about the project and even revealed details about their plan of action. Interestingly, like last year, they have launched a campaign song once again. However this time around, Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao who is making her singing debut. The song was played for us and the celebrities present at the venue. But apart from that, Aamir made 7 interesting revelations at the event that left us surprised. Read on to know what we are talking about:

# The aim behind the project

Talking about the aim and inspiration behind this project, Aamir said, “We have to make Maharashtra sukhamukht (drought-free) and with the same passion (as we work in our daily lives), we should work for it (this movement).”

# This campaign is bigger than Dangal

When asked about the success of Dangal, Aamir mentioned that this campaign is way bigger for him than Dangal. As the star added, “Whatever achievement Dangal has received is nothing compared to what this project of 30 talukas will receive when it succeeds.”

# Aamir forced Kiran Rao to sing

As we told you, the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2 campaign has a song which is sung by Kiran Rao. However, the filmmaker did not want to sing initially, but she eventually had to. As she mentioned, “As usual mujhe apne husband ke diktak pe gaana pada (On the order of my husband, I had to sing).”

# Aamir’s reason to make Kiran sing the campaign song

While Kiran mentioned that Aamir forced her to sing, the actor had a reason for it too. As he revealed, “I always knew Kiran sings well, but she only sang for me. I wanted everyone to hear her voice (and so I forced her to sing this campaign song).”

# The campaign had left Aamir worried

The Satyeamev Jayate Water Cup 2 campaign is very important for Aamir and so he was very worried about it initially. He recalled how he used to tell CM Devendra Fadnavis that he wants everything to be perfect for the campaign to do well. But the CM had no worry and he used to reassured him that “if its in your (Aamir’s) hands then it’s bound to be perfect.”

# The Bengaluru mass molestation incident is shameful

The mass molestation incident that took place in Bengaluru on the New Year’s eve shook the whole nation. Aamir Khan was also sad after he heard about the incident, as he revealed, “What happened in Bangalore is very saddening. Its shameful. Every nation’s government should do something about it. My view on women is that when law and order strengthens, things will change. Once there are examples where the man is convicted of the crimes done, change will tale place.”

# Devendra Fadnavis has not watched Dangal

While everyone has been raving about Dangal, Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has not seen it yet. As Aamir revealed to us today, “The CM hasn’t watched Dangal yet. I keep asking him when he’ll watch it.”

Apart from Devendra Fadnavis, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, a few other stars also graced the occasion…

Popular Marathi actor Sai Tamhankar also graced the event…

Music composers Ajay-Atul, who have composed the campaign song, were also present…

Sairat director Nagraj Majule was also present at the event. He had directed the video for the latest campaign… Anyway, what do you guys have to say about Aamir Khan’s latest campaign for a drought-free Maharashtra? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! And yes, don’t forget, DON’T WASTE WATER!