Hrithik Roshan DENIES signing a film opposite Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan


The internet is flooded with rumours of Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan making her Bollywood debut with a Karan Johar film opposite Hrithik Roshan. When the news first came out, it got fans really excited because Hrithik and Sara would make a really hot pair. But for all those who are expecting that to happen soon, let me burst your bubble. Hrithik has denied doing a film with Sara! Yes, that’s true. It is indeed disappointing but Hrithik himself confirmed the news. At a press conference today, the actor, who is going to be seen in Kaabil next, was asked about his future endeavours. To which he said that he doesn’t have any other project in hand right now after Kaabil. Further when he was asked whether he would be seen in a Karan Johar film with Sara Ali Khan, Hrithik mentioned that he knows about such rumours doing the rounds but there is absolutely no truth to them. “There’s totally no truth to it,” he said.

In mid-2016, the media reported that she would be launched by Karan Johar but apparently her mom Amrita and KJo were not on the same page regarding her debut. A source told Mumbai Mirror, “She is back on-board, but with a bigger and better project, after the differences have been ironed out. She will be the leading lady of Karan Malhotra’s comedy film, a first-of-it’s-kind journey.” Initially it was being said that the 24-year-old had replaced Deepika Padukone in the film.

Sara is Bollywood ready.. I mean c’mon look at her pictures.. she has lost oodles of weight and has got looks that could kill. And with parents like Amrita and Saif, acting is in her blood! So when the news of her debut film with Hrithik came out, it got us damn excited. But now that Hrithik has shunned all such rumours we wonder when will Sara make her Bollywood debut. Don’t you think Hrithik and Sara will make a really hot jodi together? Tell us your views in the comment section below!