Angry Akshay reacts to Bangalore molestation Case, says it’s not the girl’s dress that’s short, it’s the men’s petty thoughts – watch video


The whole nation is disgusted with the news of Bangalore’s mass molestation. While they say New Year comes with a new beginning. Is this what they meant? Are women always going to be subjected to getting raped/molested/eve-teased ? Do men only see women as sex objects? While everyone’s already ranting against this filthy society we live in. Akshay Kumar being one of the biggest influential voices just released a video expressing his fury over this shameless behaviour on the name of humanity. “I am ashamed to be a part of this human race, says Akshay as he goes on to blast all the men who don’t even know the basics of respecting a woman.

In the video, you can see a disturbed Akshay not only sympathising over the regressive society we live in but further slamming the men saying, “My blood instantly started boiling hearing the news, watching the hooligans dancing on the streets with no shame. Even if I didn’t have a daughter, I would still say if a society cannot respect a woman then that society has no right to call themselves human. And what’s more shameful is that people even justify after harassing a woman on the streets. Why did the girl wear short clothes? Why did she leave her house late in the night? Have some shame guys. A girl’s skirt isn’t short, it’s your thought that’s petty.”

Akshay even spoke for the women who fall prey to such hooligans every now and then as he added, “Girls, please don’t see yourselves weaker than men. You are very capable of safeguarding yourselves. There are quite a few self defence techniques in martial arts to fight these men. Kisi ke baap mein dum nahi ki aapke marzi ke bina aapko haath bhi lagaye. You don’t have to worry or get scared, you are no less than anybody around. Just be alert, learn self defence and the next time someone tries to advice on what you are wearing, then just tell them to keep their advice to themselves and mind your own business.”

Indeed, there couldn’t have been a better way to put our aggression in words. Isn’t Akshay voicing every thought that’s going in your head right now? Watch the video and do drop your thoughts in the comments. Apart from Akshay, Aamir Khan, Taapse Pannu and Varun Dhawan too had reacted.