Chhota Shakeel’s death threats force Sunil Grover’s Coffee with D to be postponed to January 20


We had revealed to you earlier that the makers of Sunil Grover‘s Coffee with D have been receiving death threats from the underworld. And now after the threats intensified, they have finally decided to postpone their release from January 6 to January 20. While no one knew about the person behind these threats, a leading news channel revealed to everyone today that Chhota Shakeel was behind the threats. In fact, the underworld don had himself confirmed this news to the channel. After this shocking revelation, the Coffee with D team was also given police protection.

These threatening calls started right after the trailer was released and the makers were told to delete all the scenes portraying Dawood in a negative light. They were even told that if they wouldn’t comply, then the makers would face dire consequences. Due to this situation, they have decided to postpone the film.

Producer Vinod Ramani feels that he is facing the brunt for making a film on an imaginary interview between a journalist and underworld Don. As he mentioned, “Chhota Shakeel has clearly said that he doesn’t want any scene where Dawood Ibrahim has been insulted. He further added that we aren’t demanding any money from you, just delete those scenes or else your entire family’s lives will be in danger.”

Vinod and director Vishal Mishra have filed a complaint against the repeated threatening calls that they have been receiving from underworld gangster – Chhota Shakeel’s aides. We wonder what will happen next? For now, we hear that the makers are deleting a few scenes and will release the film on January 20. Coffee with D has character actor Zakir Hussain playing the role of dreaded don Dawood Ibrahim, along with Sunil Grover and Anjana Sukhani in the lead roles.