Leaked! Bigg Boss 10 voting list and you will be shocked to know who will be the winner


A journey that started on October 16 is about to come to an end in 23 days. Bigg Boss 10has completed three months of its run almost and we are just three weeks away from the grand finale of the high voltage reality show. The show, which is hosted by Salman Khan started with 14 contestants – 8 commoners and 6 celebrities. Then, there were 4 wild card entries – 3 of them being celebrities. Now that we are so close to the finale, we know where all the celebrities stand in the popularity chart. A leaked popularity list that was first published by an entertainment portal has all the current contestants ranked according to the amount of votes they have been receiving over the weeks. And you will be shocked to know which contestant stands at the top of this list.

At the last position is none other than Swami Om. This doesn’t come as a surpise as he’s the most hated contestant on the show. And anyway now it doesn’t matter as he has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house yesterday after he threw his pee on Rohan Mehra and Bani J during the captaincy task.

At number six is Lopamudra Raut. And this is just one of the shocks of this list. The strong-headed lady is second last according to voting systems.

Nitibha Kaul is one step higher at number five. And at the fourth position, it’s almost a tie between Rohan and Manu Punjabi.

Now, let’s get to the interesting part. The top three of Bigg Boss 10. Manveer Gujjar , Mona Lisa and Bani. Yep! According to this leaked list, at the third position is Manveer. And just when you guessed who would be number one, we say you’re wrong again! No, it’s not Bani but Mona Lisa who occupies the top spot whereas Bani is the number two spot. Shocked? So are we! Reportedly, Mona Lisa has been getting the highest votes every week she has been nominated for evictions.

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