Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th January 2017, written update of full episode: Harman tells Preeto that he will not marry Surbhi


Harman (Vivian Dsena) scolds Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) for forcing him to marry Surbhi. Soumya asks what’s wrong in it. He asks her not to bring up this matter again and goes off to sleep. He wakes up in the morning and sees Soumya sleeping on the couch. He goes and keeps a blanket on her. Soumya holds his hand and tries to convince him. He says he thought about it and he is ready to talk to his parents about get him married to someone but not Surbhi. Soumya tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen.

Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) stops Shanno from cooking and asks Soumya to take over the kitchen from now onwards. Harman gets suspicious of Preeto and Soumya. Harak Singh says he is not ready to eat the food cooked by a eunuch. Preeto convinces him to do it to win back Harman’s confidence. She asks him to give Soumya a gift.

Maninder asks Surbhi to ask why hasn’t Abhishek come. She asks him not to worry as the marriage will happen if it has to happen. He gets suspicious and asks her what does she mean. He asks him not to over think and leaves. Shanno recalls how Preeto washed the entire kitchen when Soumya touched a utensil. She sees Soumya cooking in the kitchen and tries to talk to her and find out Preeto’s plan. Preeto sees this and asks her to go. She asks Soumya to pretend to be happy until Harman’s marriage.

Soumya serves food to everyone. Preeto signals Harak to act happy. She asks Soumya to have lunch with them. She insists her to sit beside Harman. He happily pushes the chair for her and serves food to her. Preeto signals Harak to call Soumya. He calls her bahurani. Everyone gets shocked. Harman asks her to go. Harak gives her a gift saying she is once again welcomed in the house. Preeto asks her to accept it. Soumya bends down and takes Harak’s blessing. She shows the gift to Harman and requests him to accept their proposal like his family has accepted her.

He holds her neck and asks her to tell him the truth. She asks him to kill her if he can’t fulfill her wish. She tells him that his family is already convinced, he just have to convince himself now. He gets suspicious and goes to talk to them. He calls Preeto and tells her that he will not marry Surbhi