ChandraNandni 5 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Helena creates misunderstandings between Chandra and Nandni


Chandra (Rajat Tokas) wakes up and tries to get up to check out Nandni’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) books on side table. He checks it out and thinks of her as a really wise person since the subjects are really tough. Nandni walks in asking about the books and Chandra boasts that he knows everything when he doesn’t. Nandni mocks him by asking him meanings of certain shloks and he just makes something up. She tells him that she loves reading as much as he loves fighting. She tells him how Nanda had stopped her from studying further because of Malayketu. Chandra and Nandni then talk about how strong or weak love is.

Just then, Helena walks in with her mother and apologises to Nandni for last night. She also thanks him for saving Chandra’s life and asks her to go rest so she can take care of Chandra. Helena is about to apply some medicine on Chandra’s wound and Helena’s mother talks about Nandni’s love for reading. Helena and her mother tell Chandra that Nandni still loves Chandra and that Nandni just married him for revenge. Helena asks him if she can change a few rooms in the palace and he asks her to do what she wants.

Malayketu is in a dilemma and upset that Chandra is alive. He decides to not give up yet. Helena is giving out orders to the maids and decides to give Nandni a smaller room. Durdhara interferes asking questions and Helena asks her to shift to a room next to hers. She allots a room next to Chaya and Malayketu’s to Nandni to make Chandra jealous. In the night, one of Nandni’s relatives enters a secret room, talking to a person asking the person to hide there for a few days.

Nandni asks the maids why she has been shifted to the other room when Helena tells her that she will have to move there for a couple of days. Chandra fumes when he finds out that Nandni has shifted to a room next to Malayketu’s and walks restlessly. Chandra asks Helena why she allocated Nandni a room next to Chaya’s when she tells him that Nandni asked for it. Just then, Nandni enters to give Chandra some books but he just lashes out at her. Nandni is confused as to why he is so angry with her. Chandra then announces that Helena will stay with him in his room.

Nandni walks around cribbing and wondering why it is bothering her. Helena keeps adding fuel to the fire by talk about Nandni and Malayketu to Chandra. Helena keeps going on and on when Chandra asks her to not cross limits. She hugs him when he dismisses her saying that he will sleep now. After Helena leaves the room, Chandra sits and wonders if he ruined Nandni’s life by marrying her. He wonders if he is falling for her.