Kumkum Bhagya 5 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Purab reveals Pragya’s identity to Abhi


Daasi and Daadi tell Pragya (Sriti Jha) that Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) has not slept all night and is really angry. He even refused to have coffee since it reminds him of her and hasn’t even left the room. Daadi tells Pragya that Abhi called Tanu to get his work done. Just then, they hear him scold Tanu for not doing anything properly. Daadi and Daasi push Pragya to go and speak to Abhi. Tanu panics in Abhi’s room as he lashes out at her for not doing his work properly. Pragya enters the room just then with coffee. She tells him that she knows the sequence of the songs when he asks her to do it.

After a few seconds, he tells her that he’ll do it himself. She offers coffee but Abhi refuses to take it. He asks her to teach Tanu how to make coffee and that he’ll have coffee that Tanu makes from him. Pragya follows Tanu to teach her how to make the coffee but ends up making it herself. Tanu taunts her by telling her that she will make sure that Abhi hates Pragya. They start bickering when Tanu burns her finger. Tanu storms out of the kitchen to rat Pragya out to Abhi. Purab enters the house only to be interrupted by Aaliya’s taunts.

Purab also gives it back to her by telling her that she has no idea how her life is going to turn now. He bumps into Tanu, who lashes out at him. Purab enters the kitchen and gets a earful from Pragya since Abhi wants her to teach everything to Tanu. Purab reassures her that Abhi will eventually fall in love with her when Abhi enters the kitchen. Turns out he didn’t hear anything and he just scolds her and leaves. After Abhi leaves the kitchen, Purab and Pragya device a plan to make Abhi fall for her.

Purab enters Abhi’s room talking about a new offer and contract but Abhi refuses to accept it. Abhi yells at Purab for dating Pragya behind his back. They start bickering as Abhi is trying to provoke him. Aaliya is wondering if Purab has a plan in mind when Tanu enters complaining about her burnt finger. Aaliya and Tanu start bickering as Tanu fears that Pragya was trying to burn her face.

Purab then asks Abhi if he has a soft corner for Pragya and tells her that Nikita is Pragya. Purab then tells him that Pragya changed her name to Nikita confusing Abhi. He asks Abhi to be honest and tell him what’s in his heart and Abhi tells him that he has a soft spot for her.