Beyhadh 5th January 2017, written update of full episode: Saanjh tells Arjun that the priest has died


Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) sees a ring in Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) finger and hugs and congratulates her. Arjun (Kushal Tandon) tells her that he is very happy to have his love and his friend on his sides on his special day. Saanjh tells Maya that her earring is missing. Maya says she is tired and leaves. Arjun tells Saanjh how he proposed Maya. He asks her to spend some time with her. Saanjh asks him to not waste time on her and go and spend time with love. He leaves with a promise of having dinner with her.

Arjun calls Saanjh but she doesn’t pick up. Maya messages Arjun and asks him to come to the beach. He gets surprised to see her standing in a red colored dress. She tells him that it’s because of his love. He asks her to come out on a dinner with him. She refuses and says she will take him on a dinner instead. Arjun gets happy to see all the decorations. She asks him not to ever leave her. Arjun says they belong to different classes then why did she choose him. She says he himself doesn’t realize who he is. She tells him how special he is for her. He asks her to give him her writer’s number as he might fall in love with her. Maya says he cannot love anyone else as from now onwards he is her prisoner. He happily agrees. They romantically dance with each other. Saanjh sees them in each other’s arms from a distance and goes away.

She goes to a temple to pray but finds it locked. She cries and says she will get all her answers from him one day. She asks a priest why is the temple closed. He tells her that their oldest priest has died and they are mourning his death. Saanjh finds Maya’s earring outside temple. She goes to meet Arjun and Maya. She tells him about the priest’s death. Maya overhears their conversation from a distance. Arjun gets reminded of yesterday’s incident and tells Maya that the priest died. She says there is no guarantee of life. Arjun makes Saanjh sit with them. Saanjh gives Maya her earring and tells her that she found it outside the temple.