‘Bull’ Star Michael Weatherly Talks Jason Bull’s Demons and Reveals What He Misses Most About ‘NCIS’

"Never Saw the Sign"-- As Bull assists a man facing vehicular manslaughter charges, he uncovers a connection between his client's trial and a corrupt state assemblyman who would greatly benefit from a guilty verdict. Also, Danny and Cable team up to investigate why Marissa is suddenly acting and dressing differently, on BULL, Tuesday, Nov. 22 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull Photo: Jojo Whilden/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Michael Weatherly certainly has plenty of love for his new character Dr. Jason Bull, whom he describes as an older, wiser version of his iconic NCIS character Tony DiNozzo. In an interview with TV Guide, the 48-year-old actor compares his two lead roles and weighs in on Bull’s personal struggles, as well as his ex-wife. He also shares what he misses most about the procedural series he was part of for 13 years.

“He’s much more cryptic. He’s much more watchful and reactive,” Weatherly said of Dr. Bull compared to DiNozzo. “More measured, a little bit more mature. And I guess that’s one of the beautiful things about being 48 years old, and it’s why DiNozzo really couldn’t make that turn for me. Because DiNozzo is all about that irrepressible teenage energy, the overgrown teenager. I’m now much more satisfied playing the guy who’s got some grey going on in the hair … And [who’s] hopefully a little more mysterious.”
As a brilliant psychologist who goes out of his way to help his clients prove their innocence in court, Jason Bull appears to have it all together. But he actually carries a lot of baggage — something that Weatherly appreciates in his character.
“I think he’s somebody that has these demons,” Weatherly told TV Guide. “I think he could be rattled by something, especially something outside of his control, because he’s so controlled. I think that’s a really good point and a really good thing for us to anticipate, his undoing. But I think on the flip side of that, I’d love to see him connect with someone and to see him strive to be more connected and more plugged in to his current emotion, rather than deflecting and putting things in a very, very cold, analytical place.”
One of the interesting things in Bull’s personal story is his relationship with ex-wife Isabella, who appeared in the episode “Too Perfect.” Asked whether Isabella will be gracing future episodes of Bull, Weatherly didn’t say but gave a very telling answer.
“I don’t know. And I don’t know if she’s the only wife he has,” he revealed. “Bull’s pretty close to the vest, and I think there might be some other stuff going on.”
As for what he misses most about his life on NCIS, Weatherly admits it’s the specific camaraderie.
“I miss the people and smiles, the laughter,” Weatherly told TV Line. “But I have had some good laughs on Bull! I felt very satiated by my experience at NCIS. As I said to you last time, it was a full circle and I felt ready to move on, and that has definitely been the case. I have no remorse or misgivings about what went down.”
What are your expectations for Jason Bull?
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