Ariel Returns to ‘Once Upon a Time’ to Help Another Princess


Once Upon a Time is ready to go under the sea yet again. This time, though, a certain red-headed mermaid will be teaming up with a princess from another beloved Disney animated movie.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher, who plays Ariel, will appear in at least one episode during the back half of season 6, according to Entertainment Weekly.
Executive Producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis told EW, “Ariel returns and meets Princess Jasmine as they join Hook on an adventure as he and Emma face a daunting challenge that requires a big time princess meet-up.”
Nothing else is known about Ariel’s appearance at this time, but a “big time princess meet-up” sounds exciting and something fans will be looking forward to as they wait for the ABC fairy tale drama to return in March.
Swisher has played Ariel five times on Once Upon a Time, starting with the aptly-titled episode “Ariel” at the beginning of season 3. Her most recent appearance was during season 4’s “Poor Unfortunate Soul,” when Ariel helped Ursula try to get her happy ending.
It’s also unknown how Ariel’s role will fit in with the overall story being told for season 6.
When the show last left off in its winter finale, Emma and Regina were trapped in the wish realm, and David and Hook will be attempting to rescue them — which is going to be a challenge considering David is still trading places with Snow under the sleeping curse. But if Ariel is joining Hook and Emma, along with Jasmine, then it sounds like Emma will be successfully rescued.
Are you looking forward to seeing Ariel return to OUAT? Does a “big time princess meet-up” sound like an exciting storyline? And are you hoping she shows up in more than one episode this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
Once Upon a Time season 6 returns in March on ABC.
(Image courtesy of ABC)