‘Nashville’ Season 5: Top 5 Moments from the Season Premiere


Nashville‘s highly anticipated move to CMT brought about major changes in the direction of the series, and we’re not just talking about the absence of Layla and Luke. Juliette’s left in a wheelchair recovering from the plane crash that almost took her life, and Rayna is left questioning her direction in life and whether she has anything to say anymore. Check out our top five moments from the Nashville two-hour season premiere!

“She saved my life, and I want to say thank you.”

Juliette is practically a new character, which is to be expected. Her near-death experience has changed her forever, and hopefully it will change how she treats those around her. Her search for the angel that saved her, Hanna Lee, has put her on an interesting path, and sympathy and gratefulness are two shades we haven’t really seen on Juliette Barnes before.

She’s left to recover physically, but her emotional recovery will be her biggest challenge. She’s still trying to figure out why she survived out of everyone else, and what she did to deserve to live another day.

Rayna’s New Path

This wayfaring stranger has decided to find herself once again. She lost herself in Hwy 65 Records, and she lost her voice amongst all of the other hurdles in her life. Now that things have calmed down, for now, Rayna is questioning what she has to say, and the most important part of her is Deacon, obviously.

The concept album could be an interesting challenge for Rayna and Deacon, especially considering their past. The messy 20 years they spent off-and-on took a toll, and if those feelings are brought up again, will their relationship in the present begin to suffer?

Scarlett Finally Calling Gunnar Out

This was a long time coming. From the moment they broke up, Gunnar’s taste in women all had one thing in common: they were all part of Scarlett’s life, too. Zoe, her best friend; Erin, someone doing sound production on their tour; and Autumn, the main event of the tour they were kicked off of.

Scarlett has always held her tongue, which is surprising considering how much time she and Gunnar have spent together both in a relationship and not, so finally calling him out on the choices he made breathes a new life into this character as well.

Will’s Sexuality Embraced

As much as they tried to pretend, Nashville has never written Will’s coming out story as something more than just a hurdle in his life.

His sexuality has been a roadblock to his career, but he’s finally being recognized as a gay man and having his sexuality embraced for his personal life. With the new love triangle he’s a part of, it should be interesting to see how Will handles embracing his life as a gay man.

Personal Relationships Explored

The shift to CMT seems to have shifted the focus from the drama to the connections that these characters have, which is a great thing. It’s time to take a step back and focus on the artists and the music and not create insane challenges they have to get past before they can live their lives. Scarlett and Gunnar’s relationship is a perfect example of this, as well as Deacon and Rayna’s. Their histories could be ignored, but the problems from their history cannot.

Nashville continues Thursdays at 9/8c on CMT.

(Image courtesy of CMT)