‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Things Get Violent at Peter’s Club Opening


In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Char-Lotta Drama,” Kandi has a falling-out with a former employee, Sheree reveals her latest creative project and the drama between Matt and Kenya comes to a head at Peter’s club opening.

Just when viewers thought Kenya might have found Mr. Right, it looks like Matt was just Mr. Right Now. He’s about to be Gone with the Wind Fabulous, as Miss Moore would say. After the disastrous meeting between Matt and Kenya’s dad, the couple is taking a break. Kenya tells Cynthia that she’s heeding her father’s advice, and she and Matt are going to work on themselves as individuals, which in Kenya’s world means Matt has to shape up or ship out.
A Club One Plus-One
Even though Cynthia and Peter are no longer a couple, Peter, aka Patricia, is still very much a part of the show. He wants Kenya to host the grand opening of his new nightclub in Charlotte. While Cynthia has zero problem with sharing custody of their mutual friends, she is a bit upset that Peter didn’t extend an invite for her to attend the opening as well. Maybe Peter wants to be a player and isn’t copacetic with the idea of his ex and reality TV star wife stealing his thunder.
Kenya insists that she doesn’t feel comfortable attending the event without Cynthia, and she wants to bring her along as her plus-one. Of course, Kenya extends this invite without running it by Peter, who just wants to moveon.org.
Also invited to Charlotte are Todd and Kandi, but Kandi has a work commitment and can’t attend. Mama’s got to bring home the bacon. And on top of all the Phaedra drama, Kandi’s now having issues with an ex-assistant, Johnnie. In addition to working at the Kandi Factory, Johnnie had an event-planning business on the side. Kandi claims she tried to help him out by getting him more clients and by letting him be her wedding coordinator.
Kandi recently let Johnnie go because he wasn’t cutting it, but she continues to let him cater and plan events for her. Kandi gets blindsided when Todd shows her a post from Johnnie on social media that appears to be about her. Johnnie accuses Kandi of using him and being “fake” and disloyal. Johnnie is helping out with Kandi’s upcoming Bedroom Kandi convention, and she’s determined to find out if Johnnie’s playing her. Kandi tells Todd that now is definitely not the time for anyone to mess with her.
This is a good segue into Kandi’s squabble with Porsha about her relationship with Kandi’s ex, Block. Kandi doesn’t appreciate being checked by Porsha, especially if the “rumors” are true. Kandi’s also upset that while she and Porsha are supposed to be friends, Porsha appears to be leaning more in the direction of Team Phaedra.
Novel by Sheree
If we’ve all been wondering what the hell it is that Sheree does when she isn’t being a Housewife, it turns out she’s been writing a novel. According to Sheree, she’s been working on this book for two years, and nobody has known about it. She also claims that the opus contains some juicy tidbits on some of the who’s who of Atlanta. Sheree realizes this may piss a few people off, but, hey, the truth hurts. The names have been changed, but her events to protect the innocent are thinly veiled at best. There’s Paris the ex-stripper, who has a love-hate relationship with Sheree’s character. Guess who, ya’ll?
Dissed and Dismissed
The Bedroom Kandi convention is in full swing, and Kandi uses the opportunity to pull Johnnie aside for a chat. Johnnie doesn’t deny throwing shade at Kandi. He admits that he wasn’t down with being let go as her assistant. He was offended and hurt that Kandi didn’t sit down with him to discuss it but delegated the firing to DonJuan. Kandi makes it clear that Johnnie had no problems putting his side business ahead of her, which is why he was let go. It was nothing personal, just business.
Johnnie also felt like his paycheck was a pittance, and this sends Kandi off the rails. She swears that Johnnie won’t get another check from her under any circumstances, ever. Way to blow a sweet ride, Johnnie. Don’t throw shade at Kandi because you’ll find yourself out in the cold.
Kandi-Coated Lawsuit
This confrontation is the catalyst for Johnnie to seek out the legal services of one Phaedra Parks. Phaedra knows Johnnie and is surprised at the falling-out between him and his former employer, stating that the two used to be as “close as two butt cheeks.” Johnnie thinks he’s got a case against Kandi and tells Phaedra that he got paid as little as $500 for an 80-hour work week.
None of this makes Kandi look good. Johnnie also insists that he was under the impression that he and Kandi were going to be partners and open up a restaurant. They even looked at properties, but then Kandi dropped the bomb that she was going into business with her hubby instead.
Johnnie is looking to recoup back pay and possibly what would have been future profits. Phaedra thinks Johnnie’s got a case, but she’s not going to put herself in the middle and subject herself to Kandi-coated lunacy, so she promises to send Johnnie the names of some other attorneys.
Punch-Drunk Love
Kenya and Cynthia arrive in Charlotte, and they don’t even have time to unpack before Kenya begins to have another Matt-related crisis. She tells Cynthia that Peter invited Matt to the opening and even paid for his ticket. Peter asked Kenya beforehand, and she said it was okay. But later, Kenya decided that Matt shouldn’t attend and asked Peter to cancel the whole thing.
Matt obviously didn’t find out that he’d been uninvited until the last minute, and he starts texting all sorts of nasty things to Kenya and about her on social media. Kenya reads the texts, and they’re vague but threatening. The guy continues to look like a Grade A turd on national TV. Kenya also learns that Matt has decided to drive to Charlotte because he’s apparently a glutton for punishment. Kenya begins to question if she feels safe attending the opening.
Club One is popping when Cynthia makes her grand entrance. Peter’s surprised to see her, but they have to put their personal stuff aside — both are feeling some kind of way about how good the other looks — and discuss the Kenya situation. She tells Peter about Matt’s erratic behavior and wants to know if Matt is there, but Peter hasn’t seen him. On the upside, Peter and Cynthia both seem to want to part as friends, and he apologizes for shutting her out.
Kenya decides to honor her commitment to Peter and shows up. As soon as her car pulls up, Matt is outside her door and demanding that they talk. Kenya doesn’t get out, and she insists that the driver not let Matt in. A scuffle ensues, and Matt punches the driver in the face. Of course, none of the physical altercation is caught on camera.
Peter walks Kenya inside and goes back outside with Todd to call Matt. Matt alleges that when he stuck his head in the car to speak to Kenya, the driver rolled up his window, lodging Matt’s neck, so he bitch-slapped the guy. Peter urges Matt to walk away from the situation for good.
Matt suggests that Peter give Kenya the same advice. He says he’s tried to end things but that Kenya manipulates him and tries to get him back. In the end, Todd, Peter and Cynthia all agree that Matt and Kenya have to cut each other loose.
The night goes on, and Cynthia gives props to Peter for a job well done. Things quickly get awkward when Peter suggests that Cynthia come back to his place for a booty call. She shoots him down fast and hard. He quickly says goodnight and leaves Cynthia in a cloud of dust. Denied on national TV. That is harsh.
Is Matt dangerous? Do you think Kenya is as innocent as she lets on? Should Phaedra give Kandi a heads-up about the possible lawsuit? Will Sheree’s book be a hit? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.
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