‘Beyond’ Recap: Holden Travels Back to the Realm


The two-hour premiere of Beyond raised a lot of questions about Holden Matthews, the boy who woke up from a coma after 12 years with telekinetic abilities. In the third episode, “Tied That Bind,” we finally get some answers about where Holden’s mind has been for the past 12 years and why Willa is so determined to help him get back.
“It’s Not an Easy Explanation”

Beyond picks up with Holden wanting answers from Willa, but sadly he doesn’t ask the ones we want to know. She vaguely explains that for the last 12 years his mind travelled to another world known as the Realm. Now those memories are trying to force their way back into his mind, causing his stress-related outbursts like burning down a house. She wants to inject him with something to help him regain those 12 years of memories, but he leaves, wanting some time and space.

Thankfully a quick family dinner turns ugly when Holden learns his parents are separated and only pretending to be one big happy family to help him readjust. This betrayal causes another freakout and leads him back to Willa. But she may not be completely honest with him either because she glosses over his question about the old man he keeps seeing.

The Realm

Willa’s true explanation for where Holden was is still pretty vague, involving two bowls of water and a sponge. She injects him with the drugs to send him to the Realm, where he’s lost in a maze of brambles. He runs out and falls into a giant lake. Willa wakes him up by putting him in a tub of hot water. After getting some supplies, Holden returns to the Realm and this time finds a futuristic looking castle, but he’s attacked by bats.

Willa visits the Old Man, Arthur, and he sends another psychic text that he’s being chased. Presumably he’s trapped in the Realm and the only reason she’s helping Holden is so he can save Arthur.

Later Willa has lunch with Holden and explains that her mom died in childbirth, her dad ran away and she was raised by her grandfather (Arthur). He’s the one who introduced her to the beautiful and magical Realm.

Kevin and Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket is still home with his family, but he secretly has Holden’s BFF Kevin locked up in his basement. He promises to take Kevin home if he doesn’t talk about what happened at the bar, but he just drives Kevin back to see his wife without letting him out of the car. Then we abruptly cut to Yellow Jacket getting back into his car in the middle of the woods after hearing a gunshot. That looks like bad news for Kevin.

The next day Holden is taking the GED, but he has another one of his freakouts and leaves early. That’s probably for the best since there’s no way in hell he’d pass it because he never even went to high school or studied and he only has a seventh-grade education. However, when he leaves he runs into Kevin’s mean older brother who shows off his gun and wants to know where Kevin is.

Also in This Episode

-Holden’s mom might be dating the pastor at her church. At the very least, he’s willing to come over late at night to chat with her and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by her family.

-Holden flirts some more with Jamie, that random chick he made out with at the party. Are we supposed to care about them as a possible couple? Because they have zero chemistry.

-Holden’s brother Luke decides to go back to college because he’s sick and tired of having his entire life be about his brother’s coma.

Beyond airs Mondays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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