Does ‘The Bachelor’ Season 21 Need Corinne to Stick Around?

Week 2 of The Bachelor season 21 presented two very different episodes. In one half, the latter half, it was all about Liz, who I think might have had sex with Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. (Does anyone else feel bad that Liz told Christen the story of her night together with Nick over several different outfit and location changes?) When Liz wasn’t talking about her one-night stand and desperately trying to make it seem like she wasn’t there just to be on TV, the episode was devoted to the season’s other “crazy lady.”
Corinne came out of the trashy gate swinging in the season premiere and she kept the villain ball rolling in the second episode by getting naked, explaining to the women the purpose of the show and being an overall mess of slurred words and mistaken opinions. Corinne is the villain of the season, but does The Bachelor really need her or does she do more harm than good?
One-Note Corinne 
Already season 21 of The Bachelor is very different from the season that preceded it. Ben Higgins was an absolute snooze of a Bachelor star. It also didn’t help that the winner, Lauren B., was obvious from the second episode and the entire season was just an exercise in Ben being the blandest and most uncharismatic Bachelor possible. In season 20 the villain, Olivia, was kind of necessary because she at least broke up the monotony. Olivia was rather unlikable and her brain seemed to be replaced by a bag of feral and unstable cats (in heat) but she was far more interesting than anyone or anything else in season 20.
Corinne, on the other hand, is just not that compelling. The first group date of the season was devoted almost entirely to Corinne. Whether it was Corinne taking up the limelight or the girls talking about how much they hated her, Corrine was the focus. There was nothing particularly funny or entertaining about her, either. She’s not clever in the way that previous Bachelor (and Bachelorette) villains have been, she is just kind of a mess.
There’s not much to laugh at with Corinne. Her antics are much more likely to make us feel concerned and/or exhausted. We understand that Corinne is aggressive (read: slutty) in her pursuit of Nick’s heart (read: body part much further south) and there is nothing else there. There’s a very little part of me that wants to see Corinne repeatedly glom to Nick’s lips like a goldfish but I’m afraid that is exactly what we are going to see for quite some time.
Stealing Time and Patience 
Corinne is not only uninteresting but there are so many interesting contestants on the season that any amount of time spent on Corrine wasted. Alexis, the dolphin/shark girl, is way more amusing than Corrine has ever been and she doesn’t make me want to punch my TV while watching her. Jasmine has all the warning signs of being someone who is going have a glorious and messy breakdown on camera. Even if The Bachelor really needs a crazy girl, unemployed nurse Josephine is just a skip and few scotches away from being a total televised trainwreck.
This is not even to mention the women who actually seem like a good romantic fit for Nick. Rachel received the first impression rose and thanks to the second episode becoming the Corinne and Liz show, she was barely featured at all. Danielle M. is so sweet and so heartbreakingly tragic, it is almost worrying that she has to spend so much time with crazy Corinne. Even early favorite Vanessa has become a bit of non-entity thanks to Corinne.
Nobody Needs Corinne
The one person who probably can’t afford Corinne to stick around, though, is Nick. Even if Corinne is staying on the show due to producer interference (and it’s 99.9% likely that is why she is still around) the public opinion of Nick is already shaky enough. Nick doesn’t really need Corinne to make him more interesting or “controversial.” Ben Higgins was propped up solely by the women of his season. Love or hate Nick, he is capable of holding a conversation and the audience’s attention without a lady by his side.
Nick is interesting in a way that many previous Bachelor stars have not been interesting. Nick is compelling because he is ambiguous and for many fans slightly unlikable. Juan Pablo was kind of a jerk too but the ambiguity separates Nick from others. It’s really is hard to determine if he is a good or bad guy. Nick’s intentions are the real question of the season.
To be truly invested in Nick’s story this season you probably have to watch one of his many reality TV appearances but it’s not as if The Bachelor season 21 has let the audience forgot this is his fourth time around. There is enough questioning about Nick being there for “the right reasons.” Things don’t need to be muddled any more by Corinne taking her top off and basically forcing Nick to go to second base with her. The longer Corinne sticks around the more Nick is going to look like a sex-crazed man-whore. Even if that is true, The Bachelor franchise really shouldn’t turn be looking to turn their “prince charming” into a total douchebag.
But what do you think? Is Corinne too much? Do you enjoy her as a villain? How long would you like her to stick around? Is Corinne too much of a distraction? Can Nick afford someone like Corinne staying on the show?
The Bachelor season 21 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.
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