Why ‘Scandal’ Season 6 Won’t Inculde Donald Trump


Though Scandal obviously takes place in a different world from our own, with its own politics and world leaders, the show frequently comments on the current political climate of America, like when the show tackled the Black Lives Matter movement in the season 4 episode “The Lawn Chair.” When Scandal returns for season 6, though, there will be one big political issue the show isn’t going to touch: the election of Donald Trump.

Scandal creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes spoke about the upcoming season 6 and what fans can expect. According to Deadline, Shonda is determined to make things live up to the hype when Scandal season 6 returns after the long break. When Scandal comes back it will be on election night when the next President of the United States is going to be elected. After the “first few minutes” the season will flashback to tell how all the characters got to that night.

“(This season is) really about where (the characters) come to after all this time,” Rhimes explained. “We’ve watched them descend from any moral high ground they could have possibly had to the lowest depths … It’s very different from any other season we’ve had.”
“It’s not necessarily about the crazy things happening,” she explained. This season will be their “chance to reflect.” Shonda went on to add, “It’s very different than any season we’ve had. We can’t judge it against what we’ve done before, or in terms of what’s going on now.”
According to TV Guide, though, the election of Donald Trump and the craziness that surrounded it will have no impact on Scandal season 6. This is because Scandal season 6 was conceived of and several episodes were written and produced before the results of the election were announced. “If that had been the goal I would have waited until after the election,” Shonda explained about incorporating Donald Trump’s victory into the season.
Though Scandal had a Donald Trump-esque character in season 5 with Hollis Doyle, he is no longer in the running for president. The two presidental candidates on Scandal, former First Lady Mellie Grant and Democratic nominee Francisco Vargas, share nothing with Donald Trump, as Shonda pointed out. “These candidates don’t equate (with Trump), so I don’t think you can correlate the two,” Rhimes explained.
So what do you think? Are you disappointed to know that Scandal won’t touch on Donald Trump? Or are you relieved? Do you think the show should have waited until after the election to start production? Are you looking forward to season 6?
Scandal season 6 premieres Sunday, January 26 at 9/8c on ABC.
(Image courtesy of ABC)


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