‘Pretty Little Liars’ Teases Another Time-Jump and More Secrets for Final Episodes


The final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars are right around the corner and the Liars just can’t seem to keep a secret. At the Television Critics Association winter previews, the cast and producers dropped some exciting hints about the final season. From some fan-favorite character returns to more DiLaurentis family secrets, find out five of the biggest scoops we learned about PLL below.

1. Another Time-Jump

Just in case you weren’t having a tough enough time adjusting to the five-year time-jump that took place last season in Pretty Little Liars, start getting prepared for yet another one. Thankfully, this one won’t be as drastic. “There will be a one year time-jump before [the series] ends,” said creator I. Marlene King. When exactly that time-jump will happen isn’t so clear yet. We already have seen in a flash-forward scene that Ali will be teaching again, still under the name “Mrs. Rollins,” and the Liars will rush into her classroom to warn her that “he” is coming. Since we know that took place five years after high school, it would have to mean this happens before the newest time-jump.

2. The Fate of Alison DiLaurentis

Alison has gone through the thick of it since the time-jump. Her cousin Charlotte (who she thought was her sister) revealed herself to be A, then died just as Ali was getting close to her. She fell in love with Charlotte’s doctor, later to find out he was a psychopath who was using her and then tried to kill her. Now she’s pregnant with his child, and a flash-forward revealed to us that someone is still after her. But apparently, that’s not the end of Ali’s troubles. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick revealed that more of Ali’s evolution is in store in these final episodes. “You’ll know more about the DiLaurentis family,” he says. “A lot of Alison’s behavior may not be forgivable, but it’s comprehensible.”

3. Your Favorite Guest Stars Are Back

Many fans have been hoping to see more of their favorite PLL guest stars while they still have a chance, and Marlene King assured them this would happen. Though no specifics were really given, let’s hope this means that we’ll at least get some more of the elusive Wren Kingston (Julian Morris) and Mike Montgomery (Cody Christian). Both of these characters were left unfinished and their involvement in A.D.’s warpath would make total sense.

4. A PLL Musical

If you’ve been dying to see Hanna try to sing again, get ready for it to happen. Goldstick also promised that a musical number will take place this season. “We’ll get a musical number!” Goldstick says. “Singing is one of [the cast’s] incredible talents, and we found a way to platform it.” Lucy Hale (who plays Aria) is a well-known singer, as is Keegan Allen (Toby), so a musical episode actually has some potential.

5. Beyond PLL

With the PLL spinoff Ravenswood getting the ax, is there any chance to see more of this world when the show ends? I. Marlene King is remaining hopeful. “We live in a fabulous world where there are so many ways to revisit characters,” she says. “It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to this group of people. We’ll find a way to bring them back at some point in time.”

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Pretty Little Liars’ seventh and final season returns on Tuesday, April 18 on Freeform.

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