‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Carly Waddell and Evan Bass to Get Married in 2017

Given The Bachelor franchise’s track record when it comes to break ups, it’s not anymore surprising when couples call off their engagement. But there’s one couple who is determined to walk down the aisle. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, who met, fell in love and got engaged on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, claim that they are planning to tie the knot this year even though they haven’t worked out the details yet.
“We haven’t set a date yet, but it will be this year!” Bass revealed to Entertainment Tonight.
When asked if they would get married on TV, Bass admitted that a televised wedding is something they would be open to. “It’s on the table,” Bass confessed. “That’s just one of those things that we have to just like work through.”
“I told Evan, I was like, ‘Whatever you want to do. You find out what you want to do, and I’ll plan it,'” said Waddell, who’s already scouting locations for their wedding in Napa. “I’ve never been that girl that’s like, ‘This is my dress, these are my flowers,’ I don’t care. Like, I would marry him in a courthouse and be fine.”
When it comes to the guest list, Waddell and Bass were a little more candid. The singer revealed that Bachelor in Paradise stars Jade Roper and Juelia Kinney will definitely part of her big day.
“Wells [Adams] is going to be a groomsman [and] Nick [Viall] is definitely going to be a part [of it],” Bass shared. “We’ve talked about him officiating it, so I don’t know. Chris Harrison and he are going to have to fight it out and then there’s people like Vinny [Ventiera]… You want them all to be a part of it.”
“It’s crazy how this Bachelor family, we really do love each other,” Waddell added.
Waddell first competed for Chris Soules on The Bachelor season 19 before she joined the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, where she got her heart broken by Kirk DeWindt. Bass, on the other hand, failed to capture JoJo Fletcher’s heart on The Bachelorette season 12. Later the erectile dysfunction specialist and singer got together on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, where they also got engaged. To date, Waddell and Bass are the only engaged couple left standing from summer dating series.
At present, the pair is living together in Nashville, Tennessee with Bass’ three sons, Ensley, Liam and Nathan. “I was really nervous going home after Paradise because I was like, ‘What is my life going to be like? Are the kids going to like me?'” Waddell said. “It’s just been so easy. The boys were so kind to me from the moment I met them, and it’s gotten better and better and better. We all really love each other.”
“The boys adore her,” Bass added. “It’s really amazing. It’s just the energy she brings. You’re drawn to her, and I think she just walked in so positive and welcoming. She’s done the work too. She’s taken them each out, and she’ll take them to do fun things. If I have to stay at work a little late, she’ll hang with them. She’s really invested in the time it takes.”
(Image courtesy of ABC)