Casting Bits: ‘Gotham’ Adds Raymond J. Barry, Austin Nichols Joins ‘Bates Motel’ and More


The Walking Dead‘s Austin Nichols finds a new home at Bates Motel, Raymond J. Barry joins the cast of Gotham and a Parks and Rec vet is slated to host Saturday Night Live. Find out about all of this and more exciting casting news in BuddyTV’s latest casting news roundup.

Raymond J. Barry on Gotham

According to Deadline, Raymond J. Barry has been cast to play opposite David Mazouz on FOX’s Gotham. Barry is playing a mysterious temple Shaman who comes into Bruce (Mazouz)’s life in order to help him unlock the potential of his mind. The Shaman tells Bruce that the fate of Gotham City rests on Bruce becoming the man he’s destined to be.

Aziz Ansari to Host Saturday Night Live

The Parks and Recreation vet and Master of None creator is slated to host the popular sketch show on January 21 with musical guest Big Sean. Ansari’s Netflix series received critical acclaim and earned him four Emmy nominations, one Golden Globe nomination and one Emmy win for outstanding writing in a comedy series.

Brandon Barash Joins Timeless

TVLine reports that the General Hospital actor will guest star on NBC’s time-travel drama Timeless. Barash will play the role of famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway. When viewers are first introduced to Hemingway, he is an adventurous news reporter who’s coping with the effects of the war by using liquor. Executive producer Eric Kripke says the episode is set in Paris during the Jazz age after World War I.

Austin Nichols Heads to Bates Motel

This Walking Dead and One Tree Hill alum will now guest star in season 5 of Bates Motel, says Deadline. Nichols will play Sam Loomis, a mysterious and charismatic new guy in town. Sam gets on Norman’s bad side when he tries to involve him in his web of lies.

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