Is ‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall a Good Choice for ‘Dancing with the Stars?’


Nick Viall might be turn his role as The Bachelor into a fifth reality TV appearance. This time, at least for now, it will be outside the confides of Bachelor Nation. Rumors are circulating that Nick might join the next season of Dancing with the Stars. ET recently asked Nick if he would be interesting in the dancing competition and he certainly wasn’t opposed to the idea.

Another Dancing Bachelor 

Nick acted surprised about the rumors but he was very receptive to the idea. “I mean, I haven’t given it much thought. I think it would be fun, you know? Who wouldn’t wanna do it?” the frequent reality TV star answered when asked if he would join the show.

“Right now I am focused on being The Bachelor,” Nick explained “(But) if they asked — I mean, I don’t think I would say my first thought wouldn’t be no, but I think anyone would feel lucky to even be considered.”
Nick certainly wouldn’t be the first person from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette to make his way to Dancing with the Stars. The most recent entry, Chris Soules, who was interestingly on Nick’s (first) season of The Bachelorette, ended up placing fifth during Dancing with the Stars season 20. Bachelor Nation stars Trista Sutter, Melissa Rycroft, Jake Pavelka and Sean Lowe have also appeared on the competition, with Rycroft competing twice and winning the All-Stars season in 2012.
Considering how popular The Bachelor franchise is for ABC, it is surprising that ABC hasn’t taken more opportunities to fill its other reality juggernaut Dancing with the Stars with Bachelor stars. Nick is rapidly reaching over-saturation on reality TV, if he hasn’t already crossed the line. Still, he would be a good choice for Dancing with the Stars if the rumors ever become something more and he is actually cast.
Controversy with Some Substance 
There is a reason that Nick has appeared on so many Bachelor shows. Nick is an interesting guy. There are plenty of Bachelor fans who don’t like Nick but he does provoke a response out of people. The same reason Nick makes a good star of The Bachelor is what would make him good for Dancing with the Stars. He’s not bland like, let’s face it, Chris Soules was on The Bachelor and later Dancing with the Stars. Nick has an energy that makes people love or hate him but it also makes you want to watch him.
Dancing with the Stars loves its redemption stories and Nick is leaning hard to the redemption story (when he isn’t awkwardly making out with villain Corinne) on The Bachelor season 21. If Dancing with the Stars can have Ryan Lochte on the show they can certainly have Nick Viall, who is controversial because he is viewed as bit of a fame-whore and man-whore. Unlike Ryan Lochte (and several other “controversial” Dancing with the Stars contestants) Nick actually has a bit of a decent head on his shoulders, Nick isn’t an idiot and is naturally funny and charming. He is not the most likable guy ever, considering how many people find him fake, but he is able to capture attention. Nick is slightly ambiguous and it’s not entirely sure if he is conning everyone into thinking he is a nice guy. He makes for good TV.
Dancing with the Stars likes to go after those celebrities and barely qualified stars who will make headlines. Often the headlines don’t measure up to the contestants’ actual presence on the show. Mischa Barton appearing on Dancing with the Stars was a big get for the competition but she had no interest in actually being there and it showed. Ryan Lochte caused a big stir when he was cast but he was an utter bore on the dancing floor. The same goes for Amber Rose, who was on Lochte’s season.
Nick would be the best of both worlds. He is comfortable on reality TV (obviously), he would cause a stir for Dancing with the Stars and even if he is a bad dancer he would at least have enough fun with it that he would be fun to watch. Considering how lackluster the recent casts of Dancing with the Stars have been, Nick, with all his reality TV baggage, should absolutely be on the next season.
The Bachelor season 21 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.
(Image courtesy of ABC)