‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Star Meghan King Edmonds Calls Co-Star Vicki Gunvalson an ‘Attention-Seeker’

Meghan King Edmonds isn’t holding back especially when it comes to her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Vicki Gunvalson. In a recent interview on The Domenick Nati Show, the Bravo star was asked about her thoughts on Vicki flashing her breasts during a group dinner– which went viral on the internet a few months ago. Though Meghan certainly wasn’t a fan of Vicki’s behavior, she wasn’t surprised either.
But that’s Vicki, she’s completely inappropriate,” Meghan said. “She does like attention but like I think people who are dramatic, they love attention and so, like, they are kind of going to give whatever reaction works for getting more attention… and whether they know it consciously or not… I think that’s totally Vicki.
“And I think she really truly believes it. I don’t think Vicki really sees herself for who she a lot of the time,” she added.
Vicki wasn’t the only Real Housewives star who got a taste of Meghan’s sharp tongue. When asked which Bravo star she dislikes the most, Meghan drops the name of Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes, whom she describes as “extremely intimidating” and “kinda nasty.”
Meanwhile, Meghan already has someone in mind in case The Real Housewives of Orange County is looking for new blood. She would welcome Audrina Patridge even though the Hills star already voiced out her hesitation in joining the ensemble.
“No, I mean, it’s kind of like, an acquaintance friendship, but we’ve definitely been texting, for sure,” Meghan said of her relationship with Audrina.
“Oh, no, I’d be open to it,” Meghan said of Audrina possibly joining the Bravo series. “I would love it, ‘cuz she has a baby and she’s my age… and just right there that’s a lot in common. She breastfed, I breastfed, a lot times it’s hard to find moms that are so committed to breastfeeding. So just right there is a bond, but I would absolutely love it.”
What are your thoughts on Meghan’s opinion about Vicki and NeNe? Do you agree with her? How do you feel about Audrina Patridge joining RHOC?
(Image courtesy of Bravo)