How Close Are We to Seeing More ‘X-Files?’


It sounds like FOX’s The X-Files revival will go for just a little bit longer. TV Guide reports that at the TCAs David Madden, president of Entertainment at Fox Broadcasting Company, spoke about The X-Files returning for yet another season. While Madden neither confirmed or denied that The X-Files would continue for another shortened season 11 he did say FOX will hopefully “announce something shortly” about the future of the series.

The biggest obstacle for more The X-Files is the scheduling working out with stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. FOX had announced in August 2016 that there were “significant” meetings happening with both Duchovny and Anderson about being able to return to the show. Madden explained that the “complicated nature” of the talks is holding things up from being more concrete but hopefully something will work out soon.

There are other some relatively minor hindrances as well. The revival wasn’t as well-received as many would have hoped. It started off strong with about 24 million viewers including DVR numbers. By the end of its short run, however, The X-Files season 10 had dropped to just 7 million viewers. This made the revival still one of the most popular shows for FOX in 2016 but that is an alarming drop-off.
The revival wasn’t particularly well-received critically outside of a few episodes. It does sound like there is hope that another revival season will work out the kinks. Season 11 will not have to spend so much time resetting the mythology after such a lengthy break. The X-Files season 11 can therefore spend more time with Mulder and Scully being Mulder and Scully. There won’t be a need for any lengthy recapping or catch-up.
The X-Files‘s creator Chris Carter has also been open about the fact that he has more episodes planned. Season 10 ended on a cliffhanger and season 11 would work to resolve that cliffhanger and add even more to the mythology. There was even a seventh episode of season 10 that the show never got to produce. In other words, everything is set, it is just up to the stars to sign back on board.
But what do you think? Would you watch more X-Files? What did you think of season 10? Do you think the revival was worth the wait? Would a potential season 11 be better? Should FOX continue the show or call it quits?
(Image courtesy of FOX)