‘Wayward Pines’ Has Not Been Cancelled — Yet


The fate of Wayward Pines has still not been fully decided since its second season ran this past summer. The first season of the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series was met with high praise, but saw a slight decline in season 2. FOX Entertainment president David Madden addressed the show’s future at the Television Critics Association. Find out what the network had to say about the show’s fate below.

Created by Chad Hodge, Wayward Pines brought the best-selling trilogy of novels, “Pines,” to life. The psychological thriller centered on a small and mysterious town town in Idaho called Wayward Pines. In this strange town, citizens and visitors struggled to understand the time-bending nature of their surroundings and to figure out if there was any way to ever leave. Some shocking events occurred, which threatened the entire human race.

FOX seemed unable to lean one way or another about continuing with the show. “A lot of conversations are going on, as you can imagine,” David Madden said at the TCAs. “These conversations are complex. We hope to be able to announce something shortly.”

While the show hasn’t been cancelled or renewed by FOX just yet, we at least know for sure that it won’t be returning this summer.

Wayward is not cancelled, but it will not be on this summer,” said FOX chairman Gary Newman.”Wayward didn’t come together quickly enough for us to have it this summer. There have been discussions about casting. We’re still talking about it, it’s possible you’ll see Wayward at some point back on FOX. But we are focusing a little bit more heavily on unscripted this summer.”

For the time being, it seems Wayward Pines isn’t much of a priority over at FOX.

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(Image courtesy of FOX)