‘Nashville’ Recap: Can Deacon and Maddie Work Out Their Issues?

On this episode of Nashville, “Let’s Put It Back Together Again,” Avery’s latest producing job proves more challenging than he anticipated, Juliette finally meets her guardian angel, Maddie meets a talented street performer and a new employee at Highway 65 appears obsessed with Rayna.
Avery and Deacon begin working with YouTube sensation Ashley Willerman who is a bit of a diva. Also starting a new job is Maddie who is interning at the recording studio with her dad and Avery. One of her first jobs is fetching coffee for Ashley and her entourage. Outside she encounters a talented (and cute) street musician when she drops a latte and he rushes to her aid — you’re typical meet-cute.


Lost and Found
The street musician seeks out Maddie at the studio to return her journal of song lyrics that she left at the coffee place. He also brings her a demo and uses his considerable charm to make sure it doesn’t end up on a pile and forgotten.
Employee of the Month
Juliette can’t stop thinking about Hallie (Rhiannon Giddens), the woman who helped save her life after the crash, and looks her up on Facebook. She arrives unannounced at the woman’s home, but Hallie is thrilled to see her. Juliette thanks Hallie who is glad to see Juliette is doing well. Juliette admits she’s not sure how good she actually is, but Hallie encourages Juliette to stay positive. Hallie is in a rush to get to the church, so Juliette suggests they meet up in the future. As Hallie leaves, she has some trouble starting her car, and my best guess is Juliette is going to repay Hallie with a new set of wheels.
With no tour to promote their new single, Rayna wants Gunnar and Scarlett to shoot a music video. Their meeting is interrupted by Randall St. Claire (Jordan Woods-Robinson) who is the new guy at Highway 65. He’s in charge of social media and marketing and is very eager to please his boss. (He could possibly be Rayna’s yet-to-be-revealed stalker, but he seems like an obvious choice.)
Randall’s got some ideas of how Scarlett and Gunnar can make their video distinctive. He assures The Exes that if their video makes a splash, people will do the marketing for them by tweeting about it and posting it on Facebook. He’s a bit on the geeky side, but he’s got that Millennial social media savvy.
Deacon and Avery aren’t exactly impressed with Ashley’s vocal chops, but when Avery tries to offer some constructive criticism, the young singer isn’t open to change. She throws a hissy fit, causing Avery to pull her aside and offer Ashley some advice. He admits she’s got talent, but she’s relying too much on studio magic, fearing the public won’t like her real voice. Ashley may know what works to lure YouTube viewers, but she has no idea how to cut a hit record.
Despite his best efforts and intentions, Ashley refuses to bend, so Avery quits. He suggests that what Ashley needs is an engineer, not a producer.
Ashley continues to act out when Maddie delivers her lunch, prompting Deacon to offer his meal to keep the girl happy.
A Urine-Soaked Miracle
After complaining to Juliette about his day with Ashley, Juliette tells him that not only did she meet her guardian angel, but she bought her a car. Juliette knows it was a shallow gesture, and to make matters worse, Hallie wouldn’t accept the extravagant gift.
Juliette is still feeling sorry for herself and remains convinced that Avery did not sign up to push her around in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Avery reminds Juliette she’s got to be patient, but she’s tired of putting on a happy face. (Really? I must have missed the happy face part because all she’s done is bitch and moan). Juliette doesn’t care what the doctors say, she has no doubt that she will never get better. She believes everyone would have been better off if she’d died in the crash.
But when Juliette goes to change Cadence, her daughter pees on her legs, and Juliette feels it. So, it looks like she could be back up in stilettos and a sequined mini-dress in no time. (I sure hope so because the drug-addled, drunken, suicidal, Debbie-Downer Juliette is a shell of the vivacious vixen she once was, and that makes her a whole lot less fun to watch.)
Maddie Mouths Off
Without Avery around, Ashley has taken control of producing her own record which includes instructing Deacon how to play guitar. Maddie tries to put on a happy face and deliver Ashley’s coffee, but Ashley isn’t much on “please and thank you’s” and insults Maddie for bringing her a drink with whipped cream. Maddie was holding on by a pretty thin thread, so she bites back, calling Ashley a bitch. The singer throws Maddie out and threatens to tell Maddie’s boss, and Maddie looks like she could care less.
Deacon calls Rayna to inform her about Maddie’s behavior. He hopes to save her job but refuses to talk to Maddie directly. He tells Rayna he’s still walking on eggshells around his daughter. He worries that if he raises his voice or looks at her funny, Maddie will run off again. He’s still smarting from Maddie’s testimony to the judge that she is scared of him.
A Bible-Thumping Juliette?
Juliette goes back to Hallie’s to apologize and winds up confiding in the woman about getting some feeling in her legs. Even though this should be great news, Juliette is incredibly afraid. Juliette doesn’t think she deserves to get better. Juliette’s got some serious survivor’s guilt, especially since she’s spent a sizable chunk of her life being pretty horrible.
Hallie wants Juliette to look at this as a sign. Somebody wants her to have a second chance to change her evil ways (I added the evil.) Juliette swears she doesn’t know how to change, and Hallie suggests that perhaps Juliette hasn’t asked the right person. Juliette thinks it might be too late for her to find God, but Hallie’s more optimistic.
Daddy Issues
Deacon approaches Maddie about her behavior, but Maddie has no remorse for her actions. She resented “playing slave girl” to an ungrateful brat who isn’t half as talented as she is. Deacon points out it wasn’t Maddie’s place to call Ashley out and tells her there were plenty of times he wanted to cuss someone out when he was Maddie’s age. Of course, Maddie throws Deacon’s past back in his face, and he responds that he hopes she learns faster than he did that sometimes you’ve just got to take it on the chin and watch her mouth. When Maddie counters that Ashley was being mean to him too, Deacon says Maddie doesn’t exactly have a history of coming to his defense.
Deacon pulled some strings, and Maddie can have her job back, but she has to apologize to Ashley. If she doesn’t want the job, fine. But Maddie does have some growing up to do.
Rayna swoops in and lets Maddie know she’s got to make things right with Deacon. Rayna hasn’t forgotten all of the horrible things that Maddie said on the stand about a man who loves Maddie more than life itself. Maddie can’t just push aside distorting the truth in a court of law. Maddie is lucky to have a father like Deacon, and she broke his heart. Rayna sees similarities in Maddie and Deacon, primarily that they’re both stubborn. But somebody has got to be the bigger person.
Realizing that her attitude sucks, Maddie apologizes to Deacon. She admits she never believed the things she said, but she felt trapped, and that was her only way out. She begins crying and says she’s worried they’ll never be able to go back to the way they used to be because Deacon will never trust her again. Deacon thanks Maddie and lets her off the hook.
Creeper Alert
Randall is a bit of a creeper. He’s alone in Rayna’s office and lifts what looks like a gift made for her by one of her daughters off her desk and puts it in his bag. But he’s not the only stalker contender. Rayna is approached by a man who wants to give her a demo, but she and Bucky have to reject it, explaining they don’t take unsolicited material. He asks for a picture for his kid, and Rayna mentions she needs to get home to her daughter. She relents, but while they’re posing, he makes a comment about Maddie being back home again. Granted, Rayna’s family woes were pretty public, but EVERYBODY is a suspect.
Is post-crash Juliette a complete bore? Can you take an uber-nerd as Rayna’s stalker seriously? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.
Nashville airs Thursdays at 9/8c on CMT.
(Image Courtesy of CMT)


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