Should ‘Bones’ Get a Revival?


TV revivals are big now but there is one broadcast network that is more enthusiastically embracing its past than any other. With their upcoming reboot of 24, the sequel series of Prison Break and news that The X-Files could continue for yet another season, FOX is really into making something old into something new. FOX’s revival spree is so aggressive that TV Guide reports it’s even possible the network could revive a show that hasn’t even wrapped up yet. According to some comments by the creator, Hart Hanson, Bones might eventually get a revival of its own.

At 12 seasons Bones is FOX’s longest-running drama ever. Not only that but is one of the most long-running TV series ever for the network. It is only beat out by FOX’s animated offerings like The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. As such, the cast and crew are not really regretful that the show is coming to an end.

“I am not sure that anyone is terribly upset or terribly shocked this would be the last year. We had a really good run,” Bones creator Hart Hanson said at the TCAs, talking about the final season.
Still, when Hanson was asked if Bones could be revived down the line, he did not rule it out at all. “Those things are always possible and very desirable,” Hanson said half-jokingly.
Bones star Emily Deschanel was also quick not to dispel rumors of a revival. “I would like some time before I consider that,” she said. “We’ve put 12 years into this show. That’s not nothing and I’m really proud to have done the show for so long, but yeah, I’d like some time.”
Deschanel’s co-star David Boreanaz was pretty firm on his opinion, however. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in six hours. Everything is possible in life, but I tend to like to go forward and not backwards,” Boreanaz explained. “In general, I don’t like reunions and I don’t like to go back.”
While some fans might balk at Borenaz’s firm stance it feels like the right one to have at the moment. Revivals can get messy and it is hard to imagine what new stories Bones could tell after 12 years on the air. The only possible reason to have a revival is if the series finale is a massive disappointment that fans think needs fixing or the show needs to provide an alternative. It is obviously not a good idea to hope that Bones doesn’t stick the landing just to get more of the series, however.
But what do you think? Would you be interested in a Bones revival? Are you ready to say goodbye to the show? Do you think there could be a revival a few years down the line? Should season 12 be the final season of the show forever?
Bones season 12 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.
(Image courtesy of FOX)