Post-‘Bachelor’ Roundup: Bachelor Nation Alums Tell UPost-‘Bachelor’ Roundup: Bachelor Nation Alums Tell Us What They Really Think About Corinnes What They Really Think About Corinne

It’s only the second week of Nick Viall’s “journey” to love, and the front runner is Corinne. Nick gave her the rose on the group date, and even if it was for persistence, she’s sticking around for another week.
Of course, Corinne is a polarizing figure. Some of the girls are appalled at her pushiness, while the others admire her moxie. Whichever way it falls, she’s surely stirring up feelings.

Here’s what The Bachelor alumni have to say about the girl who’s not afraid to bare her boobs, hogs all of Nick’s time, and throws a hissy fit when she’s interrupted.

Bachelor veterans are an outspoken bunch and aren’t afraid to take to the internet to voice their opinions, especially when they have such juicy stuff to talk about. And by juicy, I definitely mean crazy, and by crazy, I mean Corinne. Read what folks are saying about the girl we’re loving to hate.

Ashley Iaconetti, famous for crying her way through The Bachelor and two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise, wrote in her blog for Cosmopolitan, “Now, bikini bride Corinne isn’t here to be upstaged by another contestant’s breasts and takes her bikini top off during her shoot with Nick. At her insistence, his hands take the role of her bra. The other girls feel a mix of envy and disgust, but mostly disgust. I can hear their thoughts: ‘Do I really want a guy who’s feeding into this behavior?'”

To answer Ashley’s question, yes. These girls DO want a guy, and spend the rest of the episode pouting about how much attention Corinne gets from Nick.

Ali Fedotwsky, a former Bachelorette herself, is more dubious about Corinne’s actions. She scolds, “Quite frankly, I don’t think Nick enjoyed her being all over him at the pool either. Look, don’t get me wrong, I think he is very attracted to her and would have enjoyed it in a more private area. But he knew that what she was doing was going to make the other women upset and if I know Nick at all, I know he wouldn’t want that.”

Notorious Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise villain Chad Johnson thinks Corinne is doing it right. He wrote in his blog for Hollywood Life, “She is already hated by the women for doing exactly what you are supposed to do on a dating show … pursue the lead.”
Sharleen Joynt, short-lived Bachelor contestant, opera singer and apparent best bud to Nick, said about Corinne on her website, Pretty Pandas: “Corinne: Beautiful girl. Despite (or because of?) previews she might be something of a villain this season, she must stay for a while.”

Hopefully we’ll be talking about someone new soon enough, but until then, we’re happy to let Corinne continue to be a villain. But what do you think? Did Corinne steal the show? Do you enjoy watching her or do you want her gone? Let us know what you think in the comments.
The Bachelor season 21 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.
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