Stephen Walker Takes on a New Case on ‘Criminal Minds’

The investigators of Criminal Minds deal with misguided youths as well as sociopaths on a regular basis. The latest episode, “Seek and Destroy,” had both. A young sociopath with some serious parental issues manipulated and controlled a gang of isolated and desperate people while on a killing rampage. Criminal Minds does not just deal with killers, but with team dynamics and the relationships that develop between the investigators as well.
Recently, new members have been joining the BAU. Dr. Tara Lewis joined the team at the beginning of season 11 and Luke Alvez joined the team at the start of season 12. “Seek and Destroy” was the newest member, Stephen Walker’s, second full episode. This episode gave us a little more character development than his first episode, however, it still left much to be desired.
In the past, the Criminal Minds writers have spent some time focusing on the characters outside of work. Luke Alvez’s first episode was “The Crimson King,” and the writers put a lot of effort into building his character and touching on the dynamic between him and the rest of the team. However, with Walker, there have been no clips from his outside life and no real conversations between him and the rest of the team members. It is easy to compare how the two characters have been introduced, since they were added to the show during the same season. Perhaps the writers are purposely developing the characters in such different ways.
I was hoping that this episode would spend a little more time building the new team dynamic, but two of the main characters, Dr. Spencer Reed and Dr. Tara Lewis, were notably absent. One major positive about “Seek and Destroy” is that the episode highlighted Emily Prentiss as the new unit chief. At the end of the episode, Stephen Walker thanked her for taking his advice on accepting the case, and told her that not all unit chiefs would listen to new team members. So even though Stephen Walker’s character development fell a little flat, the show has started establishing Emily’s performance in her new role.
What did you think of the most recent Criminal Minds episode? Are you ready to learn more about Stephen Walker? Are you curious about what the new team dynamic will be like now that there are two new characters? Let us know in the comments below!
Criminal Minds season 12 airs on CBS on Wednesdays at 9/8c.
(Image courtesy of CBS)