‘Emerald City’ Recap: Dorothy Poses as the Mistress of the East

On this episode of Emerald City, “Mistress-New-Mistress,” Dorothy learns that the Wizard wants to kill her and devises an alternate plan for returning home. Tip and Jack also head to the city of Ev and the Wizard learns when The Beast will return to Oz.


Dorothy is awakened by the sound of a shot firing and finds Lucas missing. He hasn’t gone far though, just down by the water which is an excellent excuse for him to have his shirt off. Lucas has Dorothy’s gun, and she tells him he shouldn’t have the weapon. Lucas doesn’t think anyone should. He’s not okay with a weapon that takes life with such ease — at least with a sword you have to work at it. Dorothy comments that murder seems to come pretty easily to Lucas, a dig at how quickly and brutally he got rid of Mombi (who is apparently still alive.) He defends himself, stating Mombi was going to kill Dorothy, and he acted on instinct. This scares Dorothy, and Lucas agrees that it probably should
Dorothy Learns that Her Life is in Danger
Lucas has come to terms with the fact that he may be a badass, and he and Dorothy will find out soon enough what he’s all about. But in the end, he’s just one man with a sword — one of many — none of whom are more terrifying than Dorothy with that gun.
Back on the road, Lucas and Dorothy hitch a ride with a bunch of circus performers. They pass East’s home, and there’s some meteorological fluctuations going on above the keep. An old woman informs them that East controlled the weather, and now it mourns for her. She tells them East was murdered.
They are stopped by Eamonn and members of the Wizard’s Guard. Lucas’ instinct is to take off, but Dorothy figures the Guards can take her to the Emerald City. Toto has better intuition than Dorothy and takes off, forcing Dorothy to leave the wagon and look for him. Lucas grabs her and pulls her behind some bushes.
When Eamonn finds the wagon empty, he orders the men to find Dorothy and kill her. Dorothy overhears his instructions and doesn’t understand why they would want her to murder her, and Lucas explains because the Wizard wants her dead.
Dorothy and Lucas get away, and Dorothy decides to go to East’s castle. Since it’s obvious that the Wizard isn’t going to help either one of them, they need to find another way. She came in a tornado, and since there’s one currently occupying the sky over East’s keep, Dorothy figures she may be able to catch a ride home.
Practical Magic
Speaking of the Wizard, he’s got a situation in the Emerald City. Three women, who are possessed by magic, are performing a ritual on top of one of the Eternal Soldiers. The Wizard’s newest counselor, Anna (Isabelle Lucas) explains that it is a suicide ritual, and the women fall and hang above the ground as if held in place by invisible nooses around their necks.
The Wizard’s High Council is busy trying to decipher what all these signs that portend the arrival of The Beast Forever mean. They need to figure out exactly when it will arrive and what form it will take. One counselor, Elizabeth, believes The Beast will arrive in eight days and take the form of fire, but Anna disagrees. Anna also knows where the three mystery women came from.
The girls belonged to West, and the Wizard goes to see the witch and threatens to punish her for using magic. While West agrees the loss is a tragic one, she denies having anything to do with their deaths. The Wizard plans to let his councilwomen determine whether or not West is guilty. West remarks that Anna is certainly the right one for the job. She informs them both that Anna’s mother worked for West before and after Anna was born. But she wanted a better life for Anna, so she gave her up and sent her far, far away.
West suggests that under her robes, Anna is as succulent as her mother was. She should know since West tasted the woman for herself as did the Wizard.
In an effort to comfort Anna, who is understandably upset to have learned that her mother was a bi-sexual prostitute, the Wizard tells her of his humble beginnings. His real name is Frank Morgan, and he was just a normal man before he became the Wizard who harnessed lightening and controlled giants. Before he came to Emerald City he had no such power, but he studied and worked hard. He wanted very much to be noticed. He obliterated his unimpressive past, and people began to call him the Wizard of Oz because he demanded it. The moral of the story is Anna’s past doesn’t define her. All that matters is who she wishes to be and how hard she’s willing to fight for it.
The “Tip” of the Iceberg
Tip is dealing with the revelation that she’s a girl and has to figure out what to do next. They decide to go to the city of Ev to procure more medicine. Whatever is wrong, they’ll fix it. Jack promises they’ll turn Tip back into his old self.
Tip and Jack arrive in Ev and find an herbalist. Tip gives him what little medicine she’s got left and tells him she’s got bad blood. He says that some country remedies are hard to figure out but promises to give it a try.
The herbalist returns and informs Tip he won’t make the medicine. Nobody will because it is a black elixir. It disturbs Tip’s true nature. What Tip is right now isn’t a side effect, it’s what happens when the medicine wears off. Tip was born a girl.
Mo Weather, Mo Problems
When Dorothy and Lucas arrive at East’s castle, they are met by a man who not only refuses to give them shelter but insists he’ll have to kill them in his mistresses’ stead. Just as he and Lucas draw their swords, Dorothy raises her hands to intervene, and those jazzy gloves bestowed on her after East’s death make an appearance. The man spots them and refers to them as his Mistress’ “gauntlets.” He asks if Dorothy is his new mistress, and she responds that she is. The gauntlets then disappear once again.
The keeper-of-the-house is Sullivan, and he gives Lucas and Dorothy the tour. Sullivan heard whispers of an acolyte (attendant), but East never spoke to him of Dorothy. She tells him East thought it best to keep her identity a secret. Sullivan questions if East passed peacefully, and if Dorothy was there to witness it. Dorothy denies being present, but assures him, that to her knowledge, East did go peacefully.
Dorothy asks Sullivan to take her to the cyclone above the castle, and Sullivan warns her that the weather must be settled, or it will devour the castle whole. He assumes that is why Dorothy has come and inquires if she’s been trained to undertake such a task. Dorothy assures him she’s got the elements under control.
Dorothy learns that first she must complete the rituals of purification. Once that’s done, she’ll dress for the Ceremony of Elements and settle the weather. Sullivan requires that Lucas surrender his sword and leaves Dorothy to do her thing. Lucas tells Dorothy that if she can’t do what Sullivan is asking, he will kill her, and he won’t be able to stop it. Dorothy is certain all she needs to do is get the tornado to take her as far as way as possible. Lucas warns Dorothy that being reckless is not the same as being brave.
It seems getting purified translates into taking a bath, and dressing for the ceremony means raiding East’s closet for a dress. Dorothy emerges from her chamber looking very much like a Mistress of the Eastern Woods and ready to settle some weather.
Sullivan shows her to a room directly below the tornado, and as expected, Dorothy has no idea what to do next. Sullivan talks about a lake and the Sharpness (Oz’s answer to the Lushness Monster is my best guess) , but when Dorothy fails to act, he questions why she doesn’t use the elements. Dorothy closes her eyes and steps forward onto the lake, and the gauntlets reappear. She makes her way to a pedestal and raises her arms, and with one last whoosh, the tornado disappears and Dorothy along with it.
Dorothy finds herself standing in the middle of a stream in a forest blanketed in snow. Floating in the water, she finds a white coat with her mother’s name embroidered on it, K. Chapman.
An Impotent Wizard
After her pep talk from the Wizard, Anna returns to West’s brothel to question some of the prostitutes about the three dead girls. Meanwhile, West continues to proclaim her innocence to the Wizard. He replies that is for Anna to decide, but her punishment will be his decision. West tells him that she’s a cardinal witch and the last of her kind. She’s got powers he can’t begin to fathom. And she owns a rundown brothel because she hates magic even more than the Wizard. She insists she’s glad he banned it because magic was a drug even worse than the poppy. It didn’t do any good when the most powerful witches went up against The Beast who drowned them, and she was useless to stop it.
After her investigation, Anna informs the Wizard that The Beast will come in eight days but not in the form of fire but rather something far worse. The girls who jumped to their deaths didn’t come from West but The Beast itself. The Beast knows the Wizard. It exploits his greatest fears and greatest weakness. While the Wizard insists he has no weakness, Anna suspects he’s lost control of his giants. The Beast chose the three women because of the men they served, men who were impotent, just like the Eternal Warrior.
Anna accuses the Wizard of never having had control of the giants. She believes their power is locked in the Prison of the Abject, and that is why he wants it opened. She promises not to tell anyone, not even Glinda, but the Wizard has her locked up in a dungeon anyway.
Like Mother Like Daughter
Dorothy returns to East’s castle. She shows Sullivan the white coat, and he tells her she went to the wrong place and grabbed the wrong thing. Those objects belong to Interlopers who never belonged in Oz. When Dorothy says she knows the person it belongs to, Sullivan says that is impossible. The Wizard brought the Interloper to East’s castle to send her back, so how could Dorothy have seen her? Dorothy admits she was her mother, and Sullivan realizes that Dorothy isn’t his mistress but an Interloper as well.
Sullivan threatens to kill Lucas if Dorothy doesn’t tell him what happened to East. She comes clean, and Sullivan releases Lucas long enough for him, Dorothy and Toto to escape the castle.
Dorothy has more questions than ever. Her mother was in Oz, and she’s got no choice but to go see the Wizard to get some answers.
The Tipping Point
Tip is distraught about her current predicament. Jack tries to reassure her that everything will be okay, but Tip is inconsolable. Jack gets caught up in the moment and teenage hormones and kisses Tip which incenses the girl further. She pushes him, and he topples backward, crashes through a balcony and falls to his death.
Why do you think Mombi hid Tip’s true identity? Was Dorothy’s mother a force of good or evil in Oz? Will West snap out of her poppy-induced funk and start being wicked? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.
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