‘Nashville’ Top Moments: Who Caused the Most Trouble in ‘Let’s Put It Back Together Again’?


On Nashville season 5 episode 3, “Let’s Put It Back Together Again,” Juliette continues to struggle with her temporary paralysis as she tracks down the woman who saved her the night of the plane crash. Meanwhile, Maddie starts an internship at a studio and struggles to keep her attitude in check as a YouTube sensation, Ashley (Bridgit Mendler), starts recording her first album. Read on for the top five moments of the episode.

Juliette and Hallie

Seeing Juliette struggle with the aftermath of her plane crash has not been easy, but things started to get better as she tracked down the woman who helped her that night. It gave her a reassuring kind of hope, something she’s desperately needed.

Hallie gave her a person to rely on for hope, and gave her a path toward believing in herself once again. Probably the most important thing Hallie has done for her is explain that maybe Juliette survived because she was granted a second chance; that her being the lone survivor of the fatal crash was for a reason, and not just a twist of fate.

Deacon and Maddie

After Maddie’s emancipation trial, it’s amazing she has any sort of relationship with her parents now. She destroyed them on the stand, especially Deacon.

Saying she didn’t feel safe with Deacon, and in his presence in general, shattered him as a father. He didn’t do his job to protect her, and she said she was actually scared of him and what he could do. It was a low blow — his alcoholism and rage used against him in the worst way. Thankfully, Maddie finally apologized for those horrible things she said.

Rayna’s New Stalker

The biggest story tease of season 5 has been Rayna’s journey as she begins to be stalked. Living in the public eye, she’s always had her life out there for the world to see, but now more so. After Maddie’s trial, her family troubles were made extremely public, and then paired with Teddy’s arrest, it’s not just her career in the spotlight anymore.

The stalker taking what Maddie made for Rayna as a kid, with a picture of Maddie as a kid, proves that he’s far more interested in her private life. How will this story go? He’s working at Hwy 65 Records, and has direct access to her information.

Maddie’s Growth

Aside from her finally making up with Deacon, Maddie’s on a path to becoming a responsible adult … or is she?

Her new internship looked like the perfect opportunity to be more responsible, but her actions proved that she’s the same Maddie she’s always been. Her attitude is unmatched, perhaps only by Juliette (in the past), and she’s continuing to strive for her parents to allow her to record her own album. How long until Rayna and Deacon finally cave?

Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Mendler’s character may not be a permanent addition to Nashville, but she’s certainly proved to be an interesting plot device for the stories of several of our characters.

Ashley found her success differently from everyone else, through the powers of YouTube and social media, and she’s struggling to accept that she doesn’t know how the music industry works. She wants to record her album exactly the way she wants, which doesn’t work, and Avery giving up proves just that. If he was able to stick with Layla and produce her album, quitting someone else’s just proves how horrible they must be.

And Ashley’s interactions with Maddie just showed how much both of these characters have in common. They’re both divas, and they both want their careers to work exactly the way they’ve planned out. Hopefully Ashley will stick around and these two can learn from each other; or, if Ashley takes off and fails because she tries to make everything go her way, perhaps Maddie can learn from that and not make the same mistakes.

What did you think of the episode? Do you like the direction the series is headed?

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