5 Reasons We Miss Stiles on ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6


It is not really Teen Wolf‘s fault that the final season of the show has, so far, been largely missing one of the show’s most important characters. Due to actor Dylan O’Brien’s commitment to The Maze Runner movie franchise (and his subsequent injury on that set) Stiles had to be quasi-written off of Teen Wolf season 6. While his friends and family have finally remembered him, Stiles has only appeared in two episodes in the final season. It’s unfair to hold Teen Wolf accountable for Stiles’ absence given the behind-the-scenes complications but it doesn’t make the character any less missed. Here are five reasons we hope Stiles returns to Teen Wolf season 6 as soon as possible.

The Group Is Not the Same Without Him
In “Heartless,” Peter was, for once, right. The pack at the core of Teen Wolf, especially Malia, has learned to rely on Stiles too much. Malia really should get a new anchor to ground herself in humanity. Malia’s anchor should not be her ex-boyfriend. The fact that remains that the dynamic of Teen Wolf‘s final season feels way off without Stiles around to interact with the other characters. Stiles really is the glue that holds the pack together much more than Scott.
Scott is the alpha but it is Stiles who has the strongest relationships with both Malia and Lydia. It has been admittedly fun to see Scott interacting so much with Lydia and Malia without Stiles but the dynamic has kind of run its course. It’s stopped being an interesting twist on how the show normally operates and started to feel unnatural and strange. Teen Wolf season 6 has put the core group on the back burner too much, in favor of more time spent with Liam and his crew. For the final season it is past time that Stiles gets back in on the action and things feel normal once again.
The Lydia and Stiles Tension Has Gone on Long Enough
Another storyline that is beginning to drag its feet just a little too much is the romance between Lydia and Stiles. The two have only shared one kiss throughout the series’ history and their romantic tension has lasted since season 1 when Lydia was just Stiles’ schoolboy crush. Teen Wolf season 6 finally has them on the precipice of becoming a real couple. Lydia even admitted that she was in love with Stiles earlier in the season. The simmering romantic tension between Lydia and Stiles has reached a boil and hopefully we will get to see them share another kiss before the series ends. At the very least hopefully they will get together at least one episode before the series finale.
The Show Is a Lot Less Funny Without Stiles Around
Without Stiles there isn’t a lot of comic relief on the show. Mason is trying to keep things funny and with the return of both Theo and Peter, Teen Wolf has the snarky jerk corner covered. No one can be just like Stiles and have his unique brand of humor. Teen Wolf has turned into a pretty dark show, both in terms of lighting and tone, but Stiles always kept things from being too oppressive. Stiles is by no means a wacky or goofy character. The show just always found ways to use Dylan O’Brien’s natural comedic gifts in a way that fit the story and the characters.
Stiles’ absence was keenly felt when Liam brought back Theo and we were completely robbed of his reaction. Malia and Scott were certainly angry about Theo’s return but Scott is too nice and Malia too antisocial to give Liam the verbal dressing-down that he needed. Stiles brought a humorous sense of reality to the show and without him the character interactions are missing that extra layer of harsh realism.
The Team Needs His Detective Skills
Maybe now that Sheriff Stilinski remembers Stiles and believes Scott and the gang about The Wild Hunt, there will be a detective on the team helping out. Lydia is picking up a lot of the slack but her benefit to the team has always been more supernatural than cerebral, despite her genius level IQ. No one is really approaching the villains of the season the way Stiles would do it. There is no analytic or deep thought into anything going on with the characters in Teen Wolf season 6. Everyone is just acting on gut reactions and in Liam’s case, stupid and foolhardy plans. It fits the characters but makes the season feel rather aimless. It was never obvious how much Teen Wolf needs Stiles and his detective board with the clues connected by red yarn until it disappeared in season 6.
Scott Is Too Distracted 
The group feels off as a whole in the final season of Teen Wolf but the person getting hit the hardest by Stiles getting abducted is Scott. It feels odd watching Lydia and Malia without Stiles being around but both characters have actually benefited. Malia and Lydia feel more independent and stronger characters (and they were already both of those things) without Stiles. Scott, on the other hand, has felt stifled.
Scott is rightfully and understandably focused on the Wild Hunt and getting Stiles back. Scott has been too single-minded. Stiles and Scott have always been the main characters of the show. Scott is the teen wolf but Stiles is just as important. They are two parts of the same whole and they balance each other out. Without Stiles, Scott is scattered and confused. It’s not fun or interesting to watch, it is just kind of alarming. If the pack has any hope of defeating the Wild Hunt and/or Mr. Douglas, Stiles needs to be by his best friend’s side.
But what do you think? Do you desperately want Stiles to come back? What do you think the show is missing without him? How do you feel about the final season without Stiles? How long will his disappearance continue to last?
Teen Wolf season 6 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.
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