’24: Legacy’ Roundup: Tony Almeida’s Return, a New Trailer and More

FOX will be kicking off its highly anticipated series 24: Legacy next month but fans of the
Emmy Award-winning flagship series 24 still have some questions about the upcoming reboot. Why is Tony Almeida back? Will Chloe ever appear? Who else could possibly show up? Read on to find out the answers, plus get a sneak peek at the situation at the CTU.
Tony Almeida’s Return
Carlos Bernard will reprise his role as Tony Almeida on 24: Legacy, making him the only original character from 24 to show up on the new show — at least for now. During the Television Critics Association winter press tour, co-creator Manny Coto explained the reason for the return of Tony, who co-starred in season 7 and appeared in the DVD extra 24: Solitary where it was revealed that the former CTU agent had been sentenced to life in solitary confinement.
“The way we left him is a dark and ambiguous place — so it had to be [him] … We love the character and we loved [Bernard] so much we added that scene in the DVD. It felt right that he was the one person who comes back,” Coto told TV Line, hinting that Tony will have a “history” with one of Legacy‘s major characters.
“We’re very carefully making sure that people do not have to see the original series” to appreciate Legacy, added executive producer Evan Katz. “There may be an Edgar Easter egg here and there but we were most concerned with making this its own thing.”
Ultimately, Tony’s return implies that other former players won’t be returning. “Once we decided to bring Tony back, with only 12 episodes, to bring other [veteran] characters back as well throws the balance off,” Katz told TVLine. “We want viewers to build relationships with these [new] people and not think about the past.”
Who Might Come Back
Though producers have already explained why other characters from the original series won’t be gracing 24: Legacy, it doesn’t mean the show is completely shutting down the idea.
“Chloe could come back in a future season,” Katz said of Mary Lynn Rajskub’s character who returned in 24: Live Another Day. “We love the character.”
Meanwhile, Marisol Nichols, who played Nadia on 24, is also on board with the idea of her character’s comeback. “That would be amazing,” Nichols, who’s currently starring on The CW’s Riverdale, told TV Guide.
Corey Hawkins Talks About Playing Eric Carter
The FOX reboot will be strikingly different from its flagship series not just because of its plot but also because it will put the spotlight on a man of color. Corey Hawkins, who stars as lead character Eric Carter, knows the weight of this change.
“Growing up, and I’ve said this, but growing up we never got to see a hero who didn’t have superpowers who looked like us,” Hawkins said at the Television Critics Association winter previews. “[There was no one] who you could look to and be like, ‘I could be that guy some day. I could be a patriot. I could be a soldier. I could work in the government and be a hero.'”
“I’d be crazy [to say] there wasn’t any pressure to do it. If there wasn’t, I wouldn’t be doing it. If the challenge wasn’t there, there’d be no reason for me to do it,” Hawkins added. “The only pressure is to step into Eric Carter’s shoes and make him live as fully, complex, flawed and as human as I could.”
The Situation at CTU
FOX has released a new trailer for 24: Legacy ahead of its post-Super Bowl premiere. The video introduces former Army Ranger Eric Carter, whose anti-terrorist efforts abroad now threaten the lives of not only his team, but America as well.
What do you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to the reboot?
24: Legacy premieres February 5 at 10/11c on FOX. 
(Image courtesy of FOX)