5 Pivotal ‘Bones’ Episodes to Understanding Booth and Brennan’s Relationship

Sometimes the most unlikely pair can become a couple we all admire. Fox’s Booth and Brennan of Bones is one of those couples. They couldn’t be more opposite from one another when it comes to their beliefs, their humor, finances, how they love and more. But somehow these two have made it work, becoming a complex couple that Bones fans have grown to love over the course of the show’s 12-season run.
Here are five pivotal Bones episodes to understanding Booth and Brennan’s relationship.
1. “Aliens in the Spaceship”
When we first met Booth and Bones there was an obvious spark between the two. But no one knew just how much these two would grow to care for one another beyond a professional partnership. In the episode “Aliens in the Spaceship,” Brennan and Hodgins are buried alive. Booth does everything he can to save Brennan’s life while she and Hodgins pen one letter each to the people they love. Brennan’s letter was written to Booth, and in it she calls him a confusing man who has made her life messy yet wonderful. The letter was the start of something great for the couple.
2. “The Boy in the Shroud”
Loyalty is one of Booth and Brennan’s biggest strengths as a couple. While we knew both of them had each other’s backs as partners, who would have ever guessed just how much? When Cam threatens to fire Brennan in the episode “The Boy in the Shroud,” Booth makes it very clear that he plans on sticking by Brennan’s side through thick and thin. “I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.” It was an episode that really defined who Booth and Brennan would become as a couple.
3. “The Priest in the Churchyard”
Bones fans know well that Booth and Brennan have never seen eye to eye when it comes to their religious views. In the episode “The Priest in the Churchyard” things really heat up between the two after a church becomes a crime scene. But no matter how opposite their views may be it seems to reinforce their own beliefs and prove that they respect one another’s opinions while learning a little something from each other.
4. “Mayhem on the Cross”
While Brennan’s childhood as an orphan was a main focus in the show’s storyline when the series first began, Booth’s childhood was not. Booth was always sympathetic towards Brennan about her upbringing, but it really wasn’t until the episode “Mayhem on the Cross” that fans could fully understand why. In the episode we finally learn just how bad Booth’s childhood was and why he has such a soft spot for Brennan and how the two share that connection.
5. “Heiress in the Hill”
Booth is such a man’s man, so when he realizes how much money Brennan makes, it stings a little. Fast forward a couple of seasons when the two begin to share their finances and it burns! In the episode “Heiress in the Hill,” Booth gets a little crazy after Brennan deposits a check into their account for $75k. Her earnings make Booth feel like less of a man, but after a talk with Sweets and Brennan, Booth finally gets a handle on his macho side.
What are your favorite moments shared between Booth and Brennan? Can you think of other episodes that showed how strong their relationships is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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(Image courtesy of FOX)