‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Kenya’s Problems with Matt Escalate


In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Uncharitable Behavior,” Kenya returns from Charlotte and makes a disturbing discovery, Cynthia moves out of her townhouse, Kandi gets unexpected house guests and the ladies work together to support a worthy cause.

Phaedra’s moving full steam ahead on her pop-up shop fundraiser for the kids of Flint, Michigan. She’s happy that all of the girls have put “their pettiness, their drama, delinquent bills and lawsuits” aside to help the children out. Phaedra’s even recruited her oldest son, Ayden, to help out by baking and selling cookies because she wants him to understand the importance of philanthropy. Chances are Ayden will be the most mature one at the event.
Marlo Returns with a Vengeance
Taking a cue from some of the other franchises, The Real Housewives of Atlanta brings in a ringer to spice things up: Marlo. Marlo has made appearances over several seasons, usually resulting in conflict with one or more of the regular cast members. Even though Marlo and Sheree had a nasty fight in South Africa, the two now seem to be fast friends.
Marlo works with Sheree’s interior designer, Michel, on occasion, and she makes her season 9 debut helping Sheree pick out wall coverings for her infamous Chateau Sheree. Sheree wants to know where Marlo has been, questioning why Marlo has been MIA from some of Kenya’s events. The two have had a falling-out, and Marlo thinks Kenya is fake, phony and crazy. Marlo has washed Kenya right out of her weave.
The trigger for Marlo’s newfound hostility is the fact that Kenya didn’t invite her to her birthday celebration but did include former cast member and frenemy NeNe Leakes (more enemy than friend).
Kenya Turns to Phaedra for Advice
Kenya returns from Charlotte to find that Matt has once again broken her garage windows out. Only this time, he also spray painted the security cameras and smashed a window in her car. Kenya immediately calls Kandi to tell her what Matt’s done. While Kandi advises Kenya that Matt is crazy and she shouldn’t have anything else to do with him, Kenya says Matt is somebody that she feels obligated to help. Kandi questions what would have happened if Kenya had been there, but Kenya insists that Matt knew she wouldn’t be home; he’s just trying to provoke a response. Hey, flowers and an apology can do that too.
Kandi asks Kenya what her dad would say, and Kenya responds that her pops would want her to get a restraining order. But Kenya doesn’t think that will deter Matt at all. Kandi offers to let Kenya come crash at her place for a few days until she gets things sorted out.
Knowing what Phaedra has been through with Apollo, Kenya goes to the attorney for some advice on how to deal with the situation. Kenya spoke to the police about a restraining order and tells Phaedra they suggested that if Matt’s problem is that he’s mentally unstable, jail isn’t going to do Matt any good. Phaedra agrees that incarceration doesn’t rehabilitate anybody. In fact, it probably makes them worse.
Kenya wants to know how Phaedra dealt with Apollo and his hot temper, and she reveals that they did go to counseling, but obviously things didn’t work out in the end. Phaedra warns Kenya that once you’re married to someone, bad behavior intensifies because they’ve got you locked in. The behavior Phaedra witnessed from Apollo in the end was nothing she ever saw when they were dating.
Kenya is touched that Phaedra is sharing such personal information with her. It’s hard to believe given that Phaedra took a swipe at Kenya’s head with her pocketbook over dinner not too long ago.
Phaedra wants to know if Kenya loves Matt and wants to be with him. Kenya admits that she does but only if Matt can be the way she knows him to be, not with the scary guy who breaks her windows to get attention. Phaedra’s advice is that Kenya has to be sure of her own safety.
Three’s Company
Kenya ultimately decides not to file a restraining order against Matt. She’s taking some time for herself to figure out what’s going on with Matt. Until she does, she sees no future with him. Kenya does see a future as Kandi’s house guest, so she stops by to take her friend up on her offer to let her stay. This catches Kandi off guard since she didn’t think Kenya would actually call her bluff.
Kandi swiftly recovers, only to learn that she’ll be getting three guests for the price of one. Cynthia made an offer on her dream house by the lake, and it looked like the model and her daughter would be moving in on schedule. But a last-minute complication could have Cynthia house hunting again. In the meantime, she’s got to be out of her old place, which means she and Noelle are temporarily homeless. Cynthia asked to stay with Kenya, but because of the Matt drama, she figured they’d all just cop a squat at Kandi’s compound.
Pop Up and Off with Purpose
The ladies all meet up with Phaedra at the space for her event to discuss all the details. And there’s been some rumblings amongst a few of the women about Phaedra’s “request” that they hand over 50% of whatever they earn from selling their respective products to Miss Phaedra and her charity. Phaedra doesn’t come to play. This is for charity, and she’s got to earn at least $10,000.
There’s also lots of digs going around among the participants. Porsha shows up with a new short ‘do, and Kandi remarks to the camera that now nobody has anything to grab when she attacks them in the back alley.
Porsha wants to know what Sheree is selling, and she responds that she’ll be peddling her “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?” T-shirts. Kenya says — not to Sheree’s face — that this is a charity event, and she guesses that they have to give Sheree something to help her finance “Chateau Who’s Going to Pay?” That comment will come out in the wash (reunion).
The news that Kenya will be attending the camp in Michigan for a week with Phaedra to help out gets an eye roll from Porsha.
In yet another WTF?! moment regarding Porsha, we learn that it’s possible that Kandi’s ex, Block, may have given Porsha a golden shower. This comes from Kenya, who recalls that on the trip to Miami, Porsha revealed during a drinking game that she had experienced the act of a man peeing on her. That’s enough to put you off of tea for quite some time.
After much ado about everything, the ladies all gather for the big pop-up shop event. They do a pretty stellar job of getting along, making all their snide comments behind each other’s backs. But all good things must come to an end, and that end is Marlo. She shows up to lend Sheree a hand. Kenya makes her way over to say hello and pulls Marlo aside. Kenya apologizes for not inviting Marlo to her housewarming party, and Marlo points out that her invite to Kenya’s birthday got lost in the mail as well. Kenya says she’s had a lot going on, but Marlo deems that lame excuse “unacceptable.”
Kenya continues to try to wiggle her way back into Marlo’s good graces by admitting that her behavior was inexcusable. But Marlo is one bruised peach, and nothing Kenya says is putting this friendship back on track. Marlo calls Kenya a “NeNe, Jr.” and the two women retreat to their respective corners.
Even though Kandi and Phaedra aren’t in a great place, Kandi supports Phaedra’s charitable efforts and writes her a check for $2,500. Porsha decides to donate 100% of her proceeds to the foundation and throws in a little extra as a show of love. Phaedra earned over $7,000, which wasn’t quite her goal but it’s close enough, and she’s going to cover the difference. It’s great to see the women pull together instead of ripping each other apart.
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