The Royals Recap 1/15/17: Season 3 Episode 6 “More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind”


Tonight on E! The Royal’s airs with an all-new Sunday, January 15, 2017, Season 3 episode 6 and we have your The Royal’s recap below.  On tonight’s The Royals season 3 episode 6 called, “More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind,” as per the E! synopsis, “The family’s private turmoil threatens to go public on the eve of an appearance that will be well watched. Other drama ensues with the return of Beck to the palace and during a confrontation involving Jasper.


The Royals had their own way of celebrating Christmas. They apparently had the staff sent things up months in advance and they benevolently let them go home to their families to celebrate the holidays however that had usually been something that Simon took care of. Simon was the one that let the staff go home early and he was there take charge in their absence. But no one had thought that they would be on their own this year because of Simon’s late passing. So Liam had sort of surprised everyone when he let the staff go home because nothing had been set up in advance and he had forgotten to forewarn anyone.

However, Liam had frightened his family by forgetting to tell them anything. They had all gotten up to an empty palace and had thought it was the beginning of a Zombie Apocalypse. So they grabbed whatever they thought could be used as a weapon and were slowly searching their home for survivors when they eventually came across Liam. Liam had explained that he was carrying on the family tradition that his father had started and that he didn’t fending for themselves was going to be hard yet he didn’t know a single thing about setting up a table much less cooking a turkey so Robert had to step in.

Robert had reassured the family that throwing Christmas for themselves wasn’t going to be hard and that had quietened down the panic. Yet, Cyrus couldn’t help making a dig at Liam because Robert had had to step in and save the day again after Liam didn’t something silly. So that in turn put Liam in a horrible mood. Liam had tried to do something nice and unfortunately his plan of merely putting a turkey in the oven and waiting for something to pop up had proven to be short-sighted though sadly for him his failed plan hadn’t been the worst part of the day. The worst part had been when he told Eleanor about Kathryn.

Liam had wanted to get the secret off his chest so he told his twin sister that he had been in a relationship with Robert’s ex-girlfriend. Though despite saying she wouldn’t judge, Eleanor did judge. She thought Kathryn was some desperate woman that wanted to be close to the royals and she would have said something even nastier about her if Liam hadn’t spoken up. Liam had reminded Eleanor that Kathryn or Kay as she’s known had lost Robert too. She had thought Robert was dead like everyone else and had gone to a dark place like everyone else. So Liam had to remind his sister about that because she needed to know that Kay didn’t mean to sleep with both brothers.

But Liam had also told his sister that he wasn’t going to tell Robert. He said that his relationship with Kay ended the second Robert came back so he didn’t think he should tell his brother. Eleanor though had thought she was going to need more weed to get through the holidays and she had asked Liam if that could be his Christmas gift to her this year. So the secret was a hard one to keep for anyone that knew about it and the young royals were looking towards recreational drugs to make them feel better. And as they were numbing themselves, their mother had also needed something to get through the holidays.

Queen Helena had usually spent Christmas night with her lover so she had missed him this year and had turned to Spencer to fill the need. However, Helena had been honest with Spencer. She told him that she had been lonely and that’s why slept with him again yet Spencer hadn’t been offended. He knew that Helena’s past was complicated and he had been understanding of that yet Helena had later told his children about him. She hadn’t mentioned by Spencer by name and had instead told them that she was having sex with someone when figgy pudding fell on her face. So the children knew she had someone in her life and they didn’t want to ask her about it.

They were actually a little disgusted to hear that their mother had sex life. Yet, it wasn’t exactly new to them that their mother got around and so they didn’t mind hearing about it. They did mind on the other hand that Cyrus had gotten drunk and had toppled the Christmas tree. So they kept trying to put Cyrus to bed and he kept waking up to make nuisance of himself however Robert stepped in and had tried to save the day. Even if that did annoy Liam who thought his brother was always full of it and that Robert should stop pretending to be the leader of the family. And so the two brothers were slowly getting on each other nerves.

Liam thought Robert was pompous and Robert thought Liam was being an ungrateful ass. Though their fight truly started when they began talking about Jasper. Robert didn’t really approve of Jasper so Liam had told him that he should just come out with it and Robert refused to do that. Robert was a bit underhanded at times and it wasn’t long before he mentioned Jasper’s past that some journalist claimed that she got the dirt on Jasper. The alleged journalist had called Jasper up and had told him that she knew he tried to steal the Koh-I-Noor. So her “story” had unnerved Jasper and in the end it made Jasper give Eleanor up.

Jasper had later told Eleanor that he needed space and that he hadn’t been happy. But that had broken Eleanor’s heart and afterwards she had snapped at her family when she overheard them arguing over who would give the Christmas speech to the kingdom. So Sarah Alice being around this year had truly come in handy. The little girl had been the silver lining to Jasper and Eleanor’s horrible day. And She had saved Christmas because she found the presents that Simon had hidden for his family before he died.

The presents had been for Eleanor, Helena, Cyrus, Liam, and also Lucius of all people. However, Simon had thought Robert had been dead then and hadn’t left his a wonderful heartful present. So Liam had tried to give his boxing gloves that he had gotten from their father to Robert and Robert had turned it down. He said that it was good Liam finally had something of his own, but Liam had had a chip on his shoulder. He had gone back to Kay’s place and had asked her if they could stay together because he thought they had a future and she had turned him down. She said that everything was different with Robert back now.

Yet, hearing that had pushed Liam into challenging his brother in a boxing match for the People’s Gala and Robert had agreed. So the brothers will be fighting against each other soon and odds are that it will get ugly. And so the one person that had showed maturity this Christmas had been Eleanor who did the Christmas speech.