General Hospital Spoilers: Does Lulu Deserve Custody of Charlotte – Is She Being Selfish?


General Hospital spoilers discuss the outcome of the custody battle for cute little Charlotte and Lulu’s questionable behavior in this respect. There has been some noise from General Hospital fans, many of them mothers, about the actions and attitudes of one Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan) regarding her daughter, Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). If she isn’t careful, Valentin is going to move Charlotte to the North Pole.

Okay, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is not a nice guy, but he puts on one heck of an act. And he does love that little girl. If that’s acting, give the man an Oscar. I think anyone can understand why Lulu is so upset and anxious to have Charlotte away from Valentin and in her home with Rocco and Dante. She was also cheated out of Charlotte’s early years. It’s heartbreaking.

Somehow, though, we can’t quite muster the love for Lulu. Put it this way – Lulu isn’t acting very motherly these days. She seems more interested in what she wants rather than what is good for Charlotte. First that poor little girl is with Claudette, whom she believes is her mother. Claudette leaves. Charlotte misses her, but she loves Valentin and is happy to be with him.

Then she learns that Claudette is dead and therefore not returning (although on ‘General Hospital’, that may not be true). This is the time that Lulu thinks the grieving Charlotte should know the identity of her biological mother? NOW?

Lulu also harbors a great deal of jealousy of Nina. Does she say to herself, “Well, Valentin may not be what he seems, but Nina truly loves my daughter. It’s not the right time to petition for custody now. Charlotte will be safe for the time being.” Oh, no! Charlotte is HER daughter. She wants FULL custody. NOW.

So the question is, do we want her to have custody of Charlotte? Or do we want Lulu to get her comeuppance? I think she will get it because I don’t think Charlotte is that nuts about her. If this is what the writers have in mind, fine. But I have the feeling that we are supposed to have sympathy for Lulu instead of waiting for her to erupt like Mount Vesuvius.

This may be in the writers’ plans, as Rylan is pregnant with her third child and will have time off. Perhaps Lulu will go to a sanitarium? Then again, the way the show tapes, we may not even know she was gone for three months. Do you feel sorry for Lulu? Do you believe she is acting inappropriately?