‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall on Why He Needs Corinne in His Life


The Bachelor Nick Viall is no stranger to the American public not understanding his actions. There is a reason, even if it is exaggerated, that the current season of the show is touting him as the most controversial Bachelor ever. Yet one of Nick’s most confusing decisions so far was to continue to date Corinne and Liz, at least initially. In a recent interview with TV Guide, Nick explained his actions … with some help from Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

With Liz, Nick’s reasoning for keeping her actually makes a lot of sense. Nick admits that on the first night of the show, Liz was very clear in explaining why she was there. Nick did feel like it was important for Liz to stick around and to be allowed to explain herself.

“I’ve been in her situation before. I know how nerve-wracking it is to be a part of night one,” Nick explained. “And while her answers night one didn’t make a lot of sense, unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to finish that conversation. And so I feel like I at least owed it to her to give her a rose. If nothing else, we had a chance to finish that conversation. And once we did, unfortunately, it didn’t go much better than the first time, and I thought it was best that we said our goodbyes.”
Nick concluded saying, “I think it was best for both of us that we said goodbye. And I think she’ll be okay. I know she will. And hopefully things work out for me.”
Chris Harrison added, “Here’s the thing — that was bound to boil over. I think Nick was a little bit upset that he trusted her, gave her an opportunity, and she kind of blew things up on him and now he’s having to deal with the ramifications of that. But the old saying of ‘you made your bed, now you gotta lay in it’ is very apropos.”
It’s with Corinne that Nick’s explanations make far less sense. In fact he might as well be Liz for how much his answers match up to any discernible human logic. “I know as far as Corinne, people have a lot of opinion about her in Bachelor nation and certainly the women do too,” Nick said. “And I was well aware of the fact that when I gave Corinne the group date rose that it might not go over very well with at least some of the women — but I was actually OK with that.”
It seems a little bizarre for Nick to openly admit that he knew that keeping Corinne would make some of the girls angry. Corinne certainly has her qualities, those being that she is hyper-aggressive in her pursuit of Nick and hyper-sexual. Still, it doesn’t seem like the best idea to make the other women angry since Nick is presumably trying to marry one of them. It’s actually more of a good TV move than a good romantic one which probably explains why Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, approves of it.
“I love Corinne,” Harrison enthused. “I know some people might be going crazy about her, but there’s something very endearing I find about her brashness (and) honesty. Her nanny, I want one. I don’t know how as an adult you have a nanny that’ll serve you cold cucumbers, but I want that. I need that in my life.”
It is a fair point. Corinne is ridiculous but having a nanny to bring you snacks does sound pretty appealing no matter your age.
But what do you think? Do you understand why Nick kept Corinne? Should he have kept both Corinne and Liz? What do you think of Nick’s explanations? How do you feel about Corinne? Was Liz let go too early or too late?
The Bachelor season 21 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.
(Image courtesy of ABC)