General Hospital Spoilers: Morgan’s Alive – Bryan Craig Says He Wants To Return To GH On A Recurring Basis



‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers indicate that Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) may in fact be alive. Bryan made clear in a recent interview that he is open to returning to GH as Morgan on a non-contract recurring basis. Since that horrific accident which supposedly killed Morgan Corinthos, many have been wracked with guilt over their part in how he really “died”. But what if he is not dead at all?

We know that Morgan’s body was never found and that certainly leaves an opportunity for a back from the dead storyline to occur. General Hospital spoilers report that the walls will soon be closing in on Ava (Maura West) in regards to her part in what happened with Morgan.

It was revealed to General Hospital viewers quite some time ago, that Ava switched Morgan’s Bipolar medication which did contribute to Morgan’s erratic behavior, which led him to steal Julian’s (William DeVry) car the night it was blown up.

GH Spoilers indicate that Sonny will have some hard questions for Ava during the week of January 30. Could Sonny (Maurice Benard) be putting the pieces together regarding the part Ava played into Morgan’s odd behavior and subsequent tragedy? Certainly, Ava must know that the truth will be revealed as to what she really did with Morgan’s medication as she is not the only one who is in on the secret of what she did.

Ava did confide in Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) about her treacherous ways. But what would happen to Ava if Sonny where to uncover what she did considering the circumstances now? No doubt – it will not be good for her. We know there is no way Sonny will allow Ava to live one more second if he were to discover that his son died because Ava messed with his medication.

As all Ava’s secrets and lies return to bite her, will Morgan re-appear alive and well? This would certainly turn the tables – if this where to happen, Sonny might just let her live since he and Carly (Laura Wright) would both be overcome with joy and be thankful that their son did not die after all. In fact it seems that once Ava’s med meddling is exposed the only way she can survive in Port Charles is for Morgan to return!

Bryan Craig stated in a recent interview with Soap Hub that he would love to return to General Hospital on a recurring basis for a short arc. It would certainly be great to see Morgan Corinthos again on the GH canvas. What do you think General Hospital viewers? Do you think TPTB at ABC will take advantage of Bryan Craig’s willingness to return to Port Charles?