‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall on How He’s Changed Since ‘The Bachelorette’: ‘I’m the Same Guy’

THE BACHELOR -“Episode 2103” - After Nick drops a bomb, sending Liz home, and comes clean to the rest of the women about his romantic tryst with her, he is anxious that some of them will decide to leave. There are those ladies who decide to give him a piece of their mind about the situation, but one bachelorette has some other outrageous plans for Nick. After the rose ceremony, three women are questioning why they were let go. In one of the most outrageous date-card deliveries ever, The Backstreet Boys pay a visit to the Bachelor Mansion, looking for the seven lucky bachelorettes that get their dream date. Nick takes one stunning woman on a date that is strictly out of this world - on a Zero G plane. An energized Nick invites seven ladies to join him and three celebrated Olympians - Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix and Michelle Carter - who will help train the women to compete in the “Nickathalon.” More surprises are in store for the remaining women, and Nick, who once again incurs the ire of his potential soul mates by his uber-sensual behavior, on “The Bachelor,” MONDAY, JANUARY 16 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Rick Rowell) DANIELLE L., NICK VIALL, A.J. MCLEAN, CHRISTEN, TAYLOR

Nick Viall is no stranger to criticisms. He was bashed for questioning Bachelorette season 10 star Andi Dorfman on national TV why they made love in the fantasy suite if she didn’t love him, was condemned for pursuing Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe in the middle of season 11 and slept with her during their first one-on-one date and then somewhat redeemed himself when he showed up for the third season of Bachelor in Paradise. While Viall has certainly learned a lot about himself having gone through three reality dating shows, he also insists that he’s still the same guy– even now that he’s the Bachelor.

“You know, I like to be a person that always learns from the good and the bad, but I actually get sensitive with this idea that there’s somehow been this transformation,” Viall told Glamour. “For someone who’s gotten a lot of criticism from the beginning of Andi’s season as the perceived villain to now being the Bachelor and being considered a ‘fan favorite’ on Paradise, I’m not that different of a person. I think you’ve gotten to see more of my personality over these seasons. Hopefully, people will appreciate that. I’ve certainly learned little things along the way. But as a whole, I think I’m the same person. I actually get sensitive about that for whatever reason; I don’t like to think that I was this kind of garbage human being three years ago and only because of The Bachelor have I made this transformation. I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff and learned from little moments, but I’m the same guy.”
One thing apparent about Viall, though, is his ability to communicate and express himself.
“I’ve always been that way, but as I’ve gotten older and matured, I think that has only increased,” Viall said. “I’ve always been a bit of a talker; I like to talk things through. I’ve always been a good communicator. There’s only so much time for them on the show to air things. Last week, you didn’t see a lot of conversation. It’s always about the making out. You wish they could show more of the conversations.”
Meanwhile, Viall also cleared up one thing that’s most Bachelor fans are curious about. When asked what exactly he does for a living, Viall revealed what he’s been busy with since working as software salesman.
“I had a great career selling software. I was living in Chicago, and after Kaitlyn’s season I was lucky to have the option to go back. They always gave me their blessing to take risks out here. Since then, and recently, a few months before I was asked to be the Bachelor, I actually started a small business with a couple partners,” he explained. “It’s online and for men’s grooming products, so I’ve been focusing a lot of time on that. Before The Bachelor, I was out in L.A. kind of dabbling in modeling a little bit. Right now, my focus career-wise is on that [men’s grooming] business. I’m very lucky that being in the Bachelor world gives you a platform. I’ve used my business acumen that I’ve learned in corporate America and the platform that I’ve been fortunate to gain in the Bachelor world to kind of see if those two can work together.”
Do you think Nick has changed since The Bachelorette? Or is he the same old Nick?
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