‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: A Romance Threatens One Girl’s Future in the Competition


In this episode of America’s Next Top Model, “Out for the Count,” the girls learn all about body image from Ashley Graham, a romance blossoms in the house and the ladies pose with Chanel Iman in a boxing-themed photo shoot.

Kyle and Krislian react very differently to landing in the bottom two last time. Krislian is stressing, hoping she can prove she’s got what it takes to do more than be a sexy Instagram flash in the pan, while Kyle is seeking comfort by starting a fling with Marissa. The two are very drawn to each other, and Marissa admits that she feels she could easily fall in love with a man or a woman.
All About the Bass
Ashley Graham stops by the house to cook dinner and spend some quality time with the girls. She wants to get to know them better because she hates only interacting with them at panel. She also informs them that the theme this time is all about body and strength, and she’ll be the girls’ mentor.
Ashley wants to give the girls some tips on eating right, stressing how important it is to eat healthy. So she’s treating the girls to her favorite dish, kale pesto pasta. Krislian finds a moment to speak alone with Ashley, who she feels has been very supportive of her throughout the competition. Krislian also feels there are a lot of similarities between herself and Graham. Krislian voices her frustration and concern at only being viewed as sexy, and it’s something she’s struggled with her entire life, including being sexually harassed.
Graham tells Krislian that she’s using her body to break a barrier, and her message is to let women who look like her know that they are beautiful and they don’t have to be oversexualized to be viewed as attractive. Graham encourages Krislian to tell her story and let that be her message.
Binta Alienates Herself from the Other Girls
After Graham leaves, Binta declares that the house needs a good cleaning. Everyone agrees to pitch in, but they abandon the project pretty quickly. Binta gets pissed as she’s pulling Cinderella duty, while the other girls pulled a one and done and are chilling. Binta targets Tatiana for not properly cleaning her hair out of the shower. Given all the women in that house, I’m not sure how Binta can identify Tatiana’s unless she’s sent it out for DNA testing. And while Binta may be frustrated at the other girls’ lack of enthusiasm about housework, as usual the way she chooses to express her anger is off the charts.
Cory Anne finds Binta arrogant and doesn’t know how to control her emotions and predicts it will be the girl’s downfall.
She Kissed a Girl and She Liked It
Kyle and Marissa find a little corner to escape the drama, and chatting turns to a bit of kissing. Kyle’s a bit of an introvert and Marissa is a wild child, so opposites do attract. But Marissa isn’t taking her dalliance with Kyle seriously. She wants to keep her eye on the prize. The other girls chalk it up to a cute fling but not the beginning of some epic romance.
Sweet E-“motion”
The following morning, the girls meet up with Ashley, who is jumping up and down on a trampoline. She informs the women that they’re going to be doing some “extreme posing.” Action shots show why it’s critical for their bodies to always be in the best possible shape. For this challenge, the girls have to bring their photos to life while looking gorgeous in motion. Each girl will have one chance to hop on that trampoline and take the best photo.
The winner of the challenge is Paige, and her prize is a 90-minute deep tissue massage at the house, and she gets to pick one friend to share it with. Paige chooses Tatiana because of all the tension she’s had with Binta.
The girls get a Rita Alert. She tells the girls that she’s been known to “knock out” her competition in business, and given that this episode is all about body and strength, it’s their turn. The ladies figure out that they’ll be boxing.
The ladies head to Gleason’s Boxing Gym. Graham tells the women that, as models, their body is their business, so they need to learn to love it, treat it right and constantly work to improve it. Their job is to remain beautiful in this high-impact editorial.
Graham brings in a special guest who uses boxing to keep her body in check and who also happens to be a fellow Sports Illustrated model: Chanel Iman. Krislian is especially excited since Iman is able to go back and forth between sexy and editorial. Iman will be shooting with the girls, meaning they will have to figure out how to out-model a supermodel.
Drew Elliot is looking for the girls to show they can be in action with someone else and have some sort of connection together.
Many of the girls rise to the challenge, but Kyle is admittedly distracted by Marissa. Her shoot is a disaster, and Graham calls the aspiring model “one-dimensional.” Kyle’s best hope for not going home is if Krislian doesn’t nail it this time. Elliot reminds Krislian that the stakes are high, but despite lots of help from Graham, Krislian fails to impress.
Marissa’s DFS (Down For Snuggling), but she’s already finding the overly-amorous Kyle to be a bit needy. Marissa eventually loses her temper and attempts to put some space between herself and Kyle. But Kyle insists on knowing what she did wrong, and this erupts into an argument. For some inexplicable reason, Courtney tries to intervene, which results in Marissa basically telling her to eff off and mind her own business.
Judges’ Panel
The judges love Cody, and Roach praises Cody for standing next to Iman, one of the most beautiful women in the world, and not being intimidated. Ora praises Marissa’s picture for being strong and fun at the same time. Ora thinks Tatiana’s picture is the best one the judges have seen of her so far, although Graham would have liked to have seen more diversity in her face, hands and action.
Roach is becoming bored with Binta and questions if her photos, personality and presence are enough to compete with some of the other girls who have the exact same look. Courtney is too cold. India is great in person, but it doesn’t translate to her photos. Cory Anne wows the judges again, and Ora thinks she’s finally come out of her shell.
The judges debate, and Elliot does not see Krislian making it to the end, but Graham sees something special in the girl that makes her want to keep Krislian around. Ora acknowledges that Kyle is making an effort, but she’s still disappointed.
Cory Anne wins best photo, but Ora points out that the judges had a tough time choosing between Cory Anne and Cody. Krislian and Kyle are the bottom two. Krislian is eliminated.
Will Kyle’s crush on Marissa be her downfall in the competition? Who is the bigger mean girl: Marissa or Binta? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.
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