‘Beyond’ Recap: Holden Confronts Yellow Jacket


The mystery of Beyond unfolds very slowly, with little pieces in each episode. In the fourth installment, we finally find out a bit more about the organization Yellow Jacket works for thanks to the arrival of Kevin’s brother and his endless supply of expository information. Unfortunately for Jeff and Holden, this episode also comes at a high cost with a major casualty.

Investigating Yellow Jacket

Kevin’s brother Jeff is a soldier with a wide range of friends who can supply him with any information he needs, making him the perfect guy to help track down Yellow Jacket. That’s the reason he kidnapped Holden, to find Kevin. Jeff is able to find the home of Jack Churchill, the alias Yellow Jacket is using.

Jeff and Holden break into Yellow Jacket’s house to clone his phone and plant some bugs. Yellow Jacket returns early and they’re almost caught, but escape. However, Holden freaks out and the lights go haywire.

This backfires because the next morning Yellow Jacket shows up at Holden’s house. He returns the bugs and makes some not-so-subtle threats against Holden’s family.

The Death of Kevin

Holden should take the threats seriously because it turns out that Kevin is dead and his body turns up. I guess he’s not an important character after all. Yellow Jacket is questioned by the police, but he’s let go due to a lack of evidence.

But Holden goes to the police station and follows Yellow Jacket after he leaves, stopping him in the middle of the road. Holden decides to take out his frustrations by beating Yellow Jacket to within an inch of his life. Yellow Jacket refuses to fight back because he can’t since Holden is “too important.”

At the hospital, Willa visits Yellow Jacket and we find out that Holden’s destiny is to change the world and Arthur doesn’t have a great track record with the other people he’s worked with.

What Is Hollow Sky?

Kevin’s research into Yellow Jacket pays off. We learn that he works for a corporation/religious organization known as Hollow Sky and the CFO is Tess Schumacher, the woman Yellow Jacket met with instead of Frost at the remote compound. At least the show is getting closer to explaining what the heck is going on.

Arthur in the Realm

Arthur is unresponsive, stuck in the Realm. Willa wants to save him, so she runs to a secret room in the mansion with a giant machine that can apparently induce a coma and send people into the Realm, but it fails.

Luke at College

Holden’s brother Luke is back at college, but not to study. He’s too busy having sex and taking drugs. At the end of the episode, after beating up Yellow Jacket, Holden shows up in his brother’s dorm room for help.

Beyond airs Mondays at 9/8c on Freeform.

(Image courtesy of Freeform)