‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Poll: Should Jo and Alex Get Back Together?

Jo and Alex may have hit a rough patch (after Alex beat up fellow doctor Andrew DeLuca, whom he thought was having sex with Jo) but all hope is not lost. Cast member Camilla Luddington remains optimistic about the future of #Jolex, especially after what happened during the mid-season finale.
“[Jo] kind of has this optimistic moment with [Alex], and … I think that there’s this hope at the end of it,” the actress, who plays Jo, told TV Guide “He reacted in such an understanding way that maybe there’s a possibility there for a future.”
When we last saw Grey’s Anatomy, Jo finally came clean to Alex about her past, revealing that she’s still married to an abusive husband and divorcing him would only reveal her location. This is also the reason why she can’t marry Alex. On the other hand, Alex has decided to cut a deal with the DA that would see him spending the next two years behind bars.
Regardless of what Luddington hopes for the estranged couple, some Grey’s Anatomy fans think that Jo and Alex should not get back together. They struggle when it comes to communication and they seem to bring out a lot of insecurities in each other. It also doesn’t help that Jo, who has been a victim of physical abuse, has seen a brutal side of Alex. Ultimately, Jo and Alex not getting back together can also pave the way for one fan theory about Meredith and Alex possibly ending up together.
Still, Jo and Alex are genuinely in love and both have good intentions. And now that the cat is out of the bag about Jo’s past, they are most likely open to communication — which is a big step for healing and reconciliation.
What are your thoughts on Jo and Alex?
Grey’s Anatomy returns on January 19, 2017 on ABC. 
(Image courtesy of ABC)