Priyanka Jagga’s brother claims that Bani J will win Bigg Boss 10


The controversy around Priyanka Jagga’s eviction from the Bigg Boss 10 house is heating up. In last night’s promo, we saw Salman Khan lash out at Priyanka for being foul-mouthed. Priyanka retorted with her usual sense of crass. Eventually, Priyanka was asked to leave the show, and exit the Bigg Boss 10 house, by host Salman. Post Priyanka’s eviction her brother Sameer Jagga has been going on and on his social media, ranting against Salman and makers of Bigg Boss. He claims that Bani J is going to win the show, which clearly hints at that he thinks the show is scripted, and everything is pre-decided.“This is totally Game for TRP”, shares Priyanka’s brother Sameer with a Facebook status. He also says in the same post that Bani will win and it’s final. He further adds that people should understand what is shown on TV is not actually how it has happened. Meanwhile, he is being trolled mercilessly in the comments section of the posts made by him.Sameer Jagga is a goldmine when it comes to controversies, just like Priyanka.

Last night over a phone call he told that Priyanka Jagga’s exit was orchestrated by the channel for TRPs. This happened after Priyanka insisted on being let go from the house due to falling sick, but her requests were denied. So her unceremonious eviction was one stone two birds, according to Sameer? The channel also got TRP and also got rid of Priyanka. Coming back to Bani. She is indeed a strong contestant. Many fans hope for her win, but nothing can be said for sure as the winner is decided as per votes in the final week. Claims were also made by Kamaal R Khan that Rohan Mehra will win Bigg Boss 10. And not to forget, Om Swami has predicted that he will win the show.Priyanka was called out by Salman Khan for calling Lopamudra Raut words like slut and making insensitive remarks about Manu Punjabis’s mother’s death. Priyanka told Salman that she will continue to abuse inside the house, upon hearing which the host lost his cool, and asked her to make an exit from “his house”.